Door Closer Repair Service in Harrisburg, IL

When your customers enjoy walking through your door, you’re well on the way to business success. At Glass Doctor® of Harrisburg, IL, we make sure your store, office, restaurant or other business is a pleasure to enter--with an efficient door closer. We prioritize customer safety as well, by ensuring your manual door closer works in a user-friendly, predictable manner. Whether you need a new door closer installed or a prompt repair, rely on our specialists.

Proper Door Closer Operation

manual door closer should make it simple for customers to enter and then close the door smoothly behind them. The door should convey its weight with a bit of pushback as the person enters your shop. When the customer releases the door, its spring should go into action internally, to gently and quietly bring the door closed. This way your customer enters comfortably, without the distraction of a door that sticks, creaks or slams shut.

Common Problems Requiring Door Closer Repair

Wrong Type of Closer

If your door is relatively heavy or large, it should have a door closer equipped with a heavy-duty spring mechanism. If your door closer is too weak (or too strong) for the door, it creates a safety issue for the public and employees of your business. The wrong manual door closer may also damage your door or the doorframe. Overall, it makes your business less welcoming for your potential customers.

Poor Installation or Incorrect Adjustment

At Glass Doctor of Harrisburg, IL, we take care to precisely adjust your door closer. We make certain the door opens predictably and glides smoothly into its original position to:

  • Prevent damage to door and frame
  • Avoid unexpected, surprising door movement, minimizing risk of injuries
  • Prevent door and frame misalignment, reducing future repairs
  • Extend the life of your door and door closer, delaying replacement costs
  • Preserve your warrantee, which may require professional door closer repair services

Seal Leakage and Low Oil Levels

Failed seals create door clearance problems, allowing lubricant to leak out and damage components. Mechanical issues may include a broken seal, damaged O-ring or missing screw. Your Glass Doctor of Harrisburg, IL specialist regularly checks and replaces the oil to ensure that doors operate properly. This makes doors safe to use and keeps customers satisfied.

Door Locking Problems

When a door is hard to lock, it is likely to be left open due to error or frustration. This is not only inconvenient, but it also creates security risks for your inventory and your employees. Lock problems may damage the door and frame as well. We ensure your door locks quickly and securely.

Get Professional Door Closer Maintenance

DIY door closer repair or adjustment can leave an employee injured, affect your warranty and make it difficult for customers to enter. Let the experts at Glass Doctor of Harrisburg, IL maintain your door closers for you, along with related hardware like door hinges, frames, handles and of course, glass. Find out more about our door closer repair services. Contact Glass Doctor of Harrisburg, IL today.