Door Closer Repair Service in Great Falls, MT

From the moment a customer walks through your door, they are forming their first impression. When your doors are not working properly, it leaves your visitors with a bad taste in their mouth. Glass Doctor® of Great Falls offers manual door closer repair and maintenance services to ensure the safety of your staff and customers. Our team of glass specialists have the tools and training needed to keep your commercial doors functioning well and looking great.

How Door Closers Work

A manual door closer allows a door to open easily without the need to physically close it. When a door closer is installed correctly, the user experiences slight resistance when opening the door, which gives them a feel for the weight of the door. Following this brief resistance, the door easily glides open. When the user no longer applies pressure, a special spring within the door closer causes the arm to gently return to position, bringing the door back to its frame.

Door Closer Repair

Incorrect Door Closer Types

Bulky doors need door closers with hefty springs. A door with the wrong type of closer will not function properly. When the wrong type of door closer is utilized, users are exposed to safety hazards. Continued use of the wrong door closer type can also lead to misalignment and damage to the door or the door closer.

Improperly Installed or Adjusted Door Closers

Our team has access to the right tools to properly install and maintain door closers. This maximizes their life and ensures that they remain in good working order. When your door closer is maintained by an experienced professional, you won’t need to worry about damage to your door frame, unexpected door movements and misalignment. The safety of everyone who walks through your door is paramount, and our team understands this.

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

Damaged seals leave clearance gaps exposed, make hardware vulnerable to damage and can lead to lubricant leaks. An oil leak usually indicates that there is a mechanical issue with the door closer. This may be a failed seal, a missing screw or broken O-rings. Relying on a professional to replace your door closer oil is vital. Lack of lubrication may cause your door to close or open too quickly, putting users at risk and leading to long-term door damage.

A Door that is Difficult to Lock

Hard-to-open doors are a security risk. A lock that is not working correctly may also cause damage to the door frame, locking mechanism and door closer. When a door cannot be secured correctly, your property is constantly at risk for crime, pest infestation and damage from the elements. Our specialists provide door lock assessment and repair. We will ensure that all of the components of your commercial door are working properly.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Your door closer warranty may be inadvertently voided if an untrained individual attempts repairs. The team at Glass Doctor of Great Falls receive thorough training on the correct installation, maintenance and repair methods for commercial door closers. Our door closer repair and maintenance services offer solutions to businesses. We also offer doorframe maintenance and repair for glass, hinges, thresholds and other door components. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive door closer repair services and to schedule your onsite consultation.