Door Closer Repair Service in Grayslake, IL

When a new customer walks through the front door of your business, they form an impression of the business unconsciously. Keeping your front door in good working order increases the chance of new customers forming a positive first impression of your business. Glass Doctor® of Grayslake, IL offers manual door closer repair and maintenance services to keep Grayslake commercial business doors working properly.

How Door Closers Work

Manual door closers eliminate the need for people to close a door behind themselves physically. When a user opens the door, they will feel a level of resistance that allows them to judge the weight of the door and open it with ease. After the initial resistance, the door moves open smoothly. Once the user has stopped applying resistance, the door closer's spring makes the arm of the mechanism close carefully until the door has returned to its original position in its frame.

Door Closer Repair

Hiring a professional to work on your door closer ensures you'll uphold the closer warranty. Glass Doctor of Grayslake, IL specialists undergo extensive door closer installation, maintenance and repair training. Our team is also trained to provide assistance with hinges, door frames, thresholds and other door components. We are able to tackle common door problems with ease.

Improper kinds of door closers: The lighter the door, the lighter the door closer and spring required. Installing the wrong type of door closers heightens the risk of misalignment and damage to your doors, door closers or users.

Incorrectly installed and adjusted door closers: Glass Doctor of Grayslake, IL specialists are equipped with the proper tools to install and maintain door closers. Keeping door closers in good working condition extends their lifespan, ensuring they work correctly for years to come. Hiring experienced specialists to install and maintain your door closers and adjust their springs is critical for preventing the following issues.

  • Misalignment
  • Unusual or unanticipated door movements
  • Damage to the door frame

Seal repairs and low oil levels: A broken seal exposes clearance gaps, leaving hardware susceptible to damage and increasing the risk of lubricant leaks. Typically an oil leak points to a mechanical issue with a door closer, such as failed seals, broken O-rings or a missing screw. When you suspect low oil level, call a professional to refill the oil in a timely fashion. When a closer is lacking lubrication, the door may open or close too quickly, potentially injuring the user or the door itself.

Difficult to lock doors: Doors that are difficult to lock present a security risk for your business. They may also compromise the well being of the door closers, door frames and locking mechanisms.

Request Regular Maintenance

Count on Glass Doctor of Grayslake, IL to deliver quality care no matter the underlying issue. Our team is available before and after normal business hours to better serve your establishment. Schedule an on-site consultation with Glass Doctor of Grayslake, IL today by calling 847-752-5218 or filling out our online form.