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Door Closer Repair Service

The best commercial retail and service suppliers know that appealing to their clients' senses is often critical in creating interest; you want your storefront to be visually attractive and engaging. You also want your entrance door to be safe. Glass Doctor® of Fort Myers offers door closer care to conscientious business owners and managers in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres and surrounding communities.

How Door Closers Work

Door closers are the equipment that open your front door with a gentle push from your customer. The door then automatically shuts when your client is inside and beyond the entrance area. The door should offer only a minor resistance; its weight should be heavy enough to reassure users of its quality and it should glide open easily, without force. The door closer's spring then allows the mechanism to close the door and gently return it to the doorway frame.

Door Closer Care for Safety

Upon initial inspection, Glass Doctor of Fort Myers will make sure your door's springs are equal to the weight of your glass door. If they are improperly installed or the wrong size, misalignments can cause the door to work improperly, posing a risk to customers as well as damage to the door itself. Once we have guaranteed the door is in good working order, our glass professionals will provide ongoing door closer care by checking hardware, door movement, seals and oil levels.

Broken Seals and Low Oil Levels

Oil leaks are your first indicator there's a mechanical problem with the door. A missing screw, worn or damaged seals or a broken O-ring can cause problems, and a lubrication loss can lead to sudden or jerky door movements that can injure your customer or damage the door itself.

Professional Care Makes a Difference

You may void your glass door's contract or warranty if you attempt do-it-yourself repairs. It's simply not worth the risk Also, if your door is frequently difficult to lock or unlock, you may be applying too much pressure against the doorframe and the door closer mechanism as you struggle with it; another source of door misalignment and door closer malfunction. Glass Doctor of Fort Myers commercial care specialists are trained to install, repair, replace, and maintain all glass doors and their parts; this includes door closer care of all key-locks, hinges and other hardware accessories.

Glass Door Care in Fort Myers

Door closer care is only one of the repair and maintenance services that proactive companies include in their annual budget. Be sure to learn more about Glass Doctor of Fort Myers Advance Measurement System for your disaster recovery plan. If area-wide glass damage occurs in the Lee County area, you'll be one of the first in line for glass repair or replacement! Call 239-204-4051 or contact Glass Doctor of Fort Myers for more information.