Custom Mirrors

Ancient civilizations set the tradition of using reflective glass to add elements of interest into a space, as well as increase natural and artificial lighting. Today, this trend continues in Lee County homes with custom mirror creations by Glass Doctor® of Fort Myers. Bespoke mirrors are a brilliant way to give a space personal touches that fit your budget. By working with our glass specialists, you are guaranteed quality craftsmanship and professional service. Schedule a complimentary in-home consultation today to learn about the options available.

Give a Space Added Depth and Dimension

When you want to make a room or space seem bigger, consider custom mirrors instead of an expensive remodel project. Simply placing mirrors in strategic places instantly gives smaller spaces a more open feel. Mirrors augment the natural and ambient lighting in the respective space without the need to purchase new light fixtures. During a complimentary in-home consultation with a specialist from Glass Doctor of Fort Myers, you’ll receive expert advice about the best places to hang a custom mirror.

Custom mirror options that Fort Myers residents often choose to give their homes added dimension include:

  • Mirrored backsplashes: Give a kitchen or bathroom a modern update and extra depth with mirrored backsplashes above countertops and behind sinks.
  • Mirrored walls: Make tight spaces, closets and hallways appear bigger with floor-to-ceiling mirrors.
  • Statement mirrors: Framed custom mirrors above headboards and fireplace mantles create the illusion of space and add an elegant touch.

Highlight Art and Home Decor

A custom mirror is beautiful and functional. Use custom creations to show off the collectible, decorative and fragile items in your house. Give the mirror unique touches with custom edge styles, tints and frames.

Popular types of decorative mirrors include:

  • Framed custom mirrors: A beautifully framed mirror is a piece of art on its own. Hang a series of smaller mirrors to compliment artwork and photos cleverly.
  • Light-directing mirrors: A well-placed mirror will direct light to favorite pieces of art and add brightness to a room.
  • Mirrored cabinets: Protect your collectibles and valuables while allowing others to see them from various angles by displaying them on glass shelves with mirrored backs.

Amplify Lighting

Whether your source of light is the sun shining through a window or lamp lights, custom mirrors will make a space seem brighter at any hour of the day. When the space on your wall is limited, place mirrors on tabletops for a similar effect.

Ideas for increasing the lighting in a space include:

  • Mirrors in rooms: Increase natural and artificial lighting by placing mirrors near nightstand lamps, on a closet door and above dressers.
  • Mounted mirrors: Hang mirrors behind sources of artificial light, such as sconces, desk lamps and lanterns.

Leave an Impression

With the variety of custom mirror options available Glass Doctor of Fort Meyers, you are sure to find one that matches and accentuates your unique decorative style. Framed mirrors give a space added sophistication and appeal. Full-length mirrors provide a head-to-toe perspective, so you always walk out the door looking and feeling confident. Our glass specialists are always happy to make recommendations regarding the best places to hang mirrors in your home.

A custom mirror is an excellent investment that will make your home more engaging and interesting. Schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with Glass Doctor of Fort Meyer today to see the different options available and learn how to best use custom glass to your advantage.