Door Closer Repair Service

Quality customer service starts at the front door, making it vital for a business to invest in expert door closer repair services. Trust in Glass Doctor of Dearborn® Heights to perform preventative maintenance on your business doors. If you require door closer repair, our team can swiftly restore order. Rest assured your commercial doors would work properly and be safe to use with the help of our specialists.

How Door Closers Work

A manual door closer makes it easier for people to enter or exit a space by opening from minimal force and closing automatically. When a door closer is correctly installed, an individual should notice some resistance when first opening the door. Then, the door will glide open. A spring is released when force is no longer applied to the door. This spring activates a mechanism that brings the door slowly and safely to rest in its frame.

Door Closer Repair

There are a variety of ways a door closer may fail. The Glass Doctor of Vancouver team is prepared to repair or replace every piece of your door closer. Trust our team with your repair; we guarantee we will restore your entryway. Common door closer issues are:

Incorrect types of door closers: Large, bulky doors need strong door closers and springs to support the weight of the door. A large glass door operating with improper door closers pose a hazard to customers and employees alike. Damage to the door and entryway will further make the problem worse.

Poorly installed and adjusted door closers: Our specialists use the best tools in the industry to conduct door closer repair and maintenance. Glass Doctor of Dearborn Heights will improve the lifespan of glass doors, locks and door closers, allowing business to continue without a hitch. Always employ an experienced professional when performing door closer repair to prevent:

  • Misalignments
  • Damage to door
  • Abrupt, hazardous door movements
  • Low oil levels
  • Seal repairs

Seals that are damage will allow the elements to reach sensitive hardware components and potentially lead to oil leaks. Oil leaks are often a sign that a screw may be missing from the door closer, an O-ring needs to be replaced, or a seal has failed. Always rely upon the experience of our specialists for door closer repair and lubrication replacement.

Problems locking door: Doors that do not lock easily pose a safety risk to your business. Contact our specialists for immediate care. Don't let this issue cause damage to your doorframe, lock and door closer mechanism.

Door Closer Maintenance

The warranty on your door closer will be voided if it is not repaired by a trained professional. Do not risk voiding the warranty by attempting repairs yourself; Glass Doctor of Dearborn Heights employs highly experienced specialists who possess extensive knowledge of door closer repair and preventative maintenance. Our specialists will not void the warranty of your closer.

Ask about our other services when you seek door closer care. We offer glass repair, doorframe repair, window latch replacement, decor enhancement and more. Contact Glass Doctor of Dearborn over the phone today or fill out a quick service request online for immediate assistance. We're always eager to help new clients keep their business moving.