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Custom Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the simplest yet most effective ways to refresh your home. Both functional and attractive, the right design and placement will add light and style to any setting. At Glass Doctor® of Cypress, our specialists create custom mirrors to suit your needs and tastes. We will even install the piece for you to ensure you gain the full benefits of your mirror.

Mirrors Made to Suit Your Space

We offer home and business owners the opportunity to enhance their space with the addition of custom mirrors. Beyond creating a beautiful new design piece, custom mirrors create more natural light without disrupting the flow of a space. Store-bought options simply cannot compare to our bespoke mirrors.

Enhanced Sense of Space

Mirrors add depth to even the smallest areas, transforming a once cramped room into a comfortable living space. Options to enhance space include mirrored walls, a mirrored backsplash in the kitchen, and framed mirrors that match the architecture of your home. Positioned correctly, custom mirrors will reflect light and accentuate the most interesting aspects of your home.

Reflect Artwork

Highlight your artwork, collectibles, or favorite possessions with a mirror. For small items, a mirrored shelf or a mirror behind the mantelpiece is ideal. These allow visitors to better appreciate detail and to view objects from every angle. Another option is a hanging mirror to draw attention to a picture or framed photograph on the opposite wall.

Increased Light

You can send light into even the darkest corners with custom mirrors. Tiled mirrors and mirrored tabletops are perfect for distributing natural light, whereas a mounted mirror behind a lamp or lantern will increase artificial light.

Aesthetic Mirrors

If your room feels a little bare, consider brightening up the walls with a mirror. Choose the tint, edge, cut, and finish to create a design you love. Full-length mirrors for bedrooms, closets, or hallways are particularly attractive and useful. It can be difficult to know what would best suit your home. Luckily, the specialists at Glass Doctor of Cypress are available to offer you support and to determine the right type of custom mirror for you. Contact us for a free in-home consultation.