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Columbus, MS

Shower Door Installation Columbus, MS

Glass shower doors or tub enclosures add a beautiful focal point to any bathroom. Not only do they assist in pulling together other design elements for a fluid scheme, glass enclosures direct light and add to a feeling of spaciousness. An upgraded shower or bathtub will increase your home's resale value, and will ultimately increase your enjoyment of the space. At Glass Doctor® of Columbus, MS, our team is ready to design and install the glass shower doors or tub enclosure you desire. Whether your want frameless glass shower doors or more customized enclosures, we will lead you through the process. From patterned glass to alternative hues, our custom finishes and varied choices add an incredible appeal to any space.

Each job has basic considerations, including the budget, design and installation. You’ll also learn about ongoing maintenance once the project is complete. Before our glass specialists meet with you, we ask that you look at some components of your bathroom project.

  • Layout and Materials: The layout of your existing bathroom will give you insight into what you’re able to do. Begin by determining the materials used in your bathroom. For example, are your walls drywall or tile? The weight of the glass used will rely on what the walls are capable of supporting. The upgrade will depend on what already exists within the space.
  • Fixtures: The choice you make is essential, and you’ll want to avoid a shower head that sprays water outside the enclosure if the door is open.
  • Measurements and Ventilation: It’s best to leave the assessment of measurements and the ventilation system up to our professional. Inaccurate measurements lead to incorrect estimates for costs and materials, and end up delaying the project. Good ventilation is what prevents household nuisances like mold and moisture. Peeling paint and softened drywall will create havoc. Avoid future problems by allowing our specialists to evaluate and share solutions. An improved ventilation system can prevent future issues.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

Glass Doctor of Columbus, MS wants to make creating your bathroom a simple venture. We offer an idea center that will inspire you to find the design scheme that will boost your bathroom to the next level.

Your bathroom design ideas will come to life with the help of the Glass Doctor of Columbus, MS. We approach each project with your needs in mind, and the desire to help you achieve your bathroom upgrade. If you’re ready to start, contact us for an in-home consultation. We are ready to collaborate and assist you in determining what’s possible in your home.