Advance Measurement System

Custom glass makes a great first impression on customers and clients, but it also protects your property from weather, crime, temperature exchange, and other uncontrollable threats and expenses. When glass breaks, you need an immediate solution to restore these benefits and prevent any further damage to your staff and property. At Glass Doctor™ of Columbus, MS, our Advance Measurement system is the solution you need. Our specialists know how important it is to have a proactive glass care plan for your business. The Advance Measurement system is a convenient way to prepare for damage ahead of time, making it easier and faster to replace your glass later. Learn how your windows, doors, and other commercial glass installations could benefit from this exclusive disaster recovery plan.

Plan Ahead with a Detailed Diagram

We will send a specialist to your business to measure every glass installation and create a detailed diagram of your property. We will record the safety features, dimensions, thickness and exact location of each piece of glass to make sure we have the information we need when it matters later.

Speed Up Your Emergency Repairs

Glass damage doesn't always happen during normal business hours, and the risks associated with broken windows are even higher at night. At Glass Doctor of Columbus, MS, we are always available for on-site emergency glass repairs. If your glass breaks in the middle of the night, during the weekend rush or on a holiday, we will be there as soon as possible to sweep up the shards and board up the damage. However, if you invest in our Advance Measurement system, we will be there with an exact replacement of your broken glass. Contact us today to learn more about our proactive glass care plans at Glass Doctor of Columbus, MS.