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Columbus, MS

Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

One great way to improve your home is the installation of customized glass tabletops and shelving. Glass Doctor®of Columbus, MS offers personal home glass decor customization for households in Columbus, Grove City, Westerville and surrounding areas. Our team of glass specialists has been assisting customers with their specific glass needs for many years, possessing the skills and the know-how to transform any ordinary household into a handsome glass haven. Simply contact one of our customer representatives today, and a member of team will be at your home at any time that suits you to make a thorough evaluation of your home.

Glass Tabletops Aesthetic Enhancement

Any glasswork that is specifically designed to complement a room significantly enhances the aesthetics and surroundings by creating a sense of balance and orderliness. Store-purchased tabletops and shelving might look good alone, but always risk upsetting the precarious poise of a household environment. By working with you to create customized glass designs, Glass Doctor of Columbus, MS specialists will ensure that any tabletops and shelving appear as part of the room, and not as extra pieces merely thrown in for good measure.

Just some of the possible glass tabletop designs are:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Octagon

The Practical Option

Graphic of different glass edges

Installing glass tabletops and shelving in your home doesn’t just enhance the appearance of your home, it also serves several practical uses too. When work follows you home enjoy customized glass writing desks or sort your office space with customized shelving. For family gatherings, social occasions and parties, customized glass tabletops are also able to function as coffee or dining tables, serving a practical use while simultaneously providing the room with a strong sense of modern style.

Customized glass shelving is particularly useful given how it contributes a terrific amount of storage space. Fitting shelves above a work desk, in kitchens, inside closets or even on walls allows you to make the very most of all the space that your home has to offer. Not only will your house remain neat, tidy and handsome, it’ll also increase in overall resale value as well.

Security & Safety

If you’re looking into the possibility of acquiring some customized glass tabletops, then our team of experienced glass specialists will work with you to fit the kind of design that’ll keep your home safe and secure as well as looking its very best. While Glass Doctor of Columbus, MS ensures that every single one of our customized home glass designs is safe; we also provide specialized protective glass that has the ability to provide your household with added security. One such example is tempered glass. This type of glass is perfect for outdoor environments and for homes with children, being specifically designed to shatter on impact into small, safe chunks to avoid causing injury.

As well as safety panes, our team of glass specialists can install your home with tinted decor glass. This type of protective tabletop design actively blocks harmful UV rays that leak into your home through sunlight, and helps prevent damage and fading from occurring over time.

For high quality, professional customized home glass design; contact Glass Doctor of Columbus, MS today at 662-570-1315. Our team is able to provide you with the kind of glass tabletops and shelving that will significantly enhance the visual look and overall value of your home.