Door Closer Repair Service

At Glass Doctor® of Columbia, TN, we understand the importance of first impressions, especially for local businesses. The moment a customer walks through your doors, your success depends on their opinions about your brand. The doors into your establishment influence their feelings. Whether you sell products, offer services or host guests, you need a front door that will open easily and close gently, giving enough resistance to show that you invest in high-quality materials.

Door Closer Operation

Door closers are used to ease the opening of commercial doors. A door closer mechanism includes springs and a mechanical arm that work together to open and close your door with the appropriate amount of speed and force. Unfortunately, broken door closers have the opposite effect, making doors less safe and your customers less satisfied. If your door closer needs repairs, Glass Doctor of Columbia, TN specialists have the tools and expertise necessary to correct the problem.

Door Closer Repairs in Columbia

Many door closer problems are caused by improper installation methods or insufficient maintenance. If your springs aren't oiled properly, lost screws aren't replaced or the door closer isn't aligned perfectly, you may notice problems. Signs your door needs care include unexpected slamming or leaking oil. You may even have difficulty locking or unlocking the door.

The Glass Doctor of Columbia, TN team will work hard to diagnose the source of any door closer damage. We do our best to accommodate your schedule and avoid interruptions to your workday. Call us today to schedule your door closer repair service. We will send a specialist to take a look at your door or doors, troubleshoot the problem, and reverse it with a friendly repair service.

Door Closer Replacements

Of course, some doors are difficult to open or lock because they have the wrong door closer altogether. Your heavy storefront door may have a door closer that cannot sustain its weight. If your door closer was damaged beyond repair or installed on the wrong door, we will remove it for you. After we remove the insufficient door closer, we will install a replacement.

Door Closer Maintenance

After your door closer is working correctly again, we will recommend a maintenance schedule to prevent future problems. This may include oiling the springs, inspecting the hardware components, or replacing screws and O-rings that keep the system functional. Whether or not we installed your door closer, it's important to schedule professional door closer repair and maintenance services. These intricate mechanisms may damage your door or door frame without the proper parts and care.

Contact us at Glass Doctor of Columbia, TN today to schedule your door closer repair or replacement. Our specialists also repair, replace and customize door glass. Count on our team to care for every aspect of you entryway!