Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

There are few pieces that light up a kitchen or dining room like a glass tabletop. Glass as a design element increases style and elegance in any space. The myriad of customization options allows the tabletop to become an expression of your own creativity and sensibilities. Special edging, tinting and decorative patterns influence the design and personalize the piece. To help you create the centerpiece of your living room, Glass Doctor® of Columbia, TN has specialists ready to consult and assist you today!

Focus on Tabletops

Glass tabletops are an excellent addition in any area. Instantly shift focus in a room with a custom-cut glass writing desks, coffee table or dining table. Or opt to protect wooden furniture with a glass overlay.

After deciding what kind of custom glass you'd like to install, you can begin to consider elements of style like the shape, thickness, edging and tinting. For outdoor furnishings like patio tables, you may want to give some thought to safety glass, which can protect family members from the impact of shattering.

Custom Shelving Ideas

Enhance any room in your home with glass shelves. Glass Doctor of Columbia, TN specialists will be glad to visit your home and take any necessary measurements to build a shelving unit. The transparency of the glass makes the shelf nearly invisible. Take maximum advantage of available space when you create unique shelving pieces. Add design options, such as tinting, frosting and decorative patterns, to match your current decor.

The style and function customized pieces deliver simply cannot be matched by the one-size-fits-all products sold in department stores. Every glass customization project from Glass Doctor of Columbia, TN perfectly complements the existing decor. Schedule your appointment today, fill out our form or call us now!