How Door Closers Work

Welcome clients and customers with safe, user-friendly doors. Glass Doctor® of Columbia, TN ensures a flawless first impression with experienced door closer repair and maintenance. Contact our team for an immediate assessment.

A manual door closer conveniently closes a door behind the user, eliminating any worries concerning business privacy and safety. As the user opens the door, slight resistance signals its weight before gliding open. Upon release, the door closer's spring gently returns the door to its original position inside the frame. Professional Door Closer Repair

Incorrect Door Closers

Heavy doors demand the strength of heavy-duty springs. Doors with inadequate door closer types experience misalignment and miscellaneous damages, posing safety risks to you, your employees and customers.

Improperly Installed Door Closers

Glass Doctor of Columbia, TN comes to you for professional door closer maintenance, maximizing the lifespan of your investment in one visit. Request an experienced glass specialist perform a spring adjustment to prevent:

  • Frame damage
  • Abnormal or irregular door movements
  • Misalignment

Seal Repairs, Low Oil Levels and Difficult to Lock Doors

Repair broken seals in door closers installed throughout your facility. Failed seals, missing screws and other maintenance issues may cause potentially dangerous oil leaks. Allow our trained specialists to perform an oil change and prevent any liability issues today. Eliminate security risks associated with tight doors and stubborn locking mechanisms. We repair or replace hardware for optimal functionality.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Don't void door closer warranties by attempting or delegating repair to an untrained professional. Our maintenance services ensure proper care in every restorative project. In addition, request door frame adjustments, glass repairs and more! Serving Lexington and surrounding areas, Glass Doctor of Columbia, TN restores your commercial doors to complete functionality. Call (931) 381-7333 or complete an online appointment request form to schedule door closer repair at an affordable cost. We'll arrive with the right tools and suggestions for proper, long-lasting repairs.