Custom Mirrors in Columbia, TN

You could spend a fortune on interior renovations, but there are other, more affordable ways to improve your home’s visual appeal. Custom mirrors make an impressive statement in any room of the house and they come in a variety of options to suit any decorative style. At Glass Doctor® of Columbia, TN our design specialists offer consultations services to find the best look for your home, whether you like contemporary flare or classic sophistication. Our team then heads to the workshop, where we’ll cut the glass, install the frame and add finishing touches. We take pride in our work and adhere to the highest quality standards. You can trust our design experts to bring life to your decorative vision.

Mirror Design Benefits

Custom mirrors are more than just gorgeous fixtures; they function in a variety of capacities throughout your home. You can achieve several different interior design goals and our specialists will discuss a few ideas with you during a consultation.

  • Create Depth: A mirrored wall creates the sensation of open spaciousness when installed above a fireplace, while a mirror backsplash makes cozy kitchens appear much more grand. Narrow hallways look wider with mirrors on one side and you can even use custom mirrors to increase the visual space in your bedroom. Place one above your headboard or cover an entire wall. Our specialists will consult with you onsite to determine where to place mirrors to obtain the desired effect.
  • Add Drama: Custom mirrors are a dramatic focal point in spaces such as a dining or living room. A Glass Doctor of Columbia, TN design specialist will discuss mirror styles and placement that reflects the decor elements you want to showcase. Install a custom mirror across from a treasured piece of art or hang one near the sofa to create a beautiful conversation area.
  • Highlight Decorative Features: Custom mirrors aren’t just for walls, so explore different horizontal spaces, like mirrored shelves. Placing your most prized possessions and collections on a mirror enhances their beauty.
  • Improve Natural and Ambient Lighting: Proper placement of a custom mirror can actually brighten up the space by taking advantage of both natural sunlight and artificial lighting. A specialist at Glass Doctor of Columbia, TN can help you determine where to place mirrors in order to make a room really shine.
  • Other Uses: Of course, we realize that many homeowners have functional needs for their custom mirrors. Our design team at Glass Doctor of Columbia, TN will work with you on full-length mirrors, floor models and framed pieces for the bedroom, closets, bath or any other setting.

As part of the consultation process, a specialist will discuss options on tint, edging, finishes and framing. We’ll also provide an accurate price estimate based on your budget. You’ll be in excellent hands as we work together to create the right custom mirror solution for your home.

To hear more about the process or schedule a consultation, contact Glass Doctor of Columbia, TN.