Window Repair & Replacement

It's frightening and dangerous when one of your home's windows breaks and your security is suddenly greatly impaired. That's why Glass Doctor® of Chattanooga offers quality glass replacement and window repair services that mesh with your schedule, and adhere to all industry best practices. Our up-front pricing policy lets you know the full price of the procedure, with no surprise charges. When you trust us with your glass, we show you why we're the best name in the business.

Window Repair

Emergency Services

Our glass specialists will arrive at your home at any hour to re-secure your home, ready to restore your window. We complete all repairs during the appointment. If we need to order glass especially for your window repair, we'll clean the area and board up the window to assure your home's security in the short-term. Then we'll make a follow-up appointment with you to permanently restore your window.

Double Pane Window Repair

If your double pane window is showing dirtiness, fogginess or condensation between the panes, these may be signs of seal stress. This is unsightly, but more importantly it's a sign that your window's insulating properties are impaired. We perform double pane window repair by just replacing the panes for a quick, simple operation.

Specialty Glass Repair

Our glass specialists don't just perform window repair. We also service all of your home's glass, including mirrors, glass tabletops, garage door glass, entry and patio doors, and other home decor.

Window Replacement

Our glass specialists will help you upgrade your old, worn-out windows, to improve both your home's appearance and its insulation. We provide several insulated glass units (IGUs), such as double and triple pane windows.


Modern, sophisticated window designs, like IGUs and low emissivity (Low-E) windows, are famous for their ability to protect against drafts and temperature transfer. They even cut down on the amount of noise pollution that enters the home. These advanced windows will greatly improve your home's comfort, and increase its resale value.

Additional Glass Services

Glass Protectant

Just one coat of hydrophobic coating glass protectant protects your glass from staining and scratching damage. It also decreases the buildup of dirt, grime and other waste from environmental pollution or hard water deposits. We even apply our hydrophobic protectant to porcelain, tile and granite, to keep them safe.


Tinted glass is an easy way to protect your home from UVA and UVB rays that increase the temperature of your home, increasing your energy costs. Over time, ultraviolet rays can even fade fabrics and damage furniture, but tinting reduces the amount of ultraviolent transmission.

Window Component Repair

If you have a stuck window in your home, our glass specialists will repair any broken locking mechanisms, including sash locks, tilt latches and balances.

Gain the Advantage

Our Advantage Plan® provides exclusive services and savings to members, including discounts on future services and repairs, a free home inspection, priority scheduling and a breakage guarantee that lasts as long as your membership with us.

If your home is in need of window repair, or you're thinking about upgrading your home's windows, there's no time like the present. Contact us today to explore your options, and make sure your home looks its best.