Advance Measurement System

Trust Glass Doctor® of Chattanooga to deliver proactive glass care to your business. Our Advance Measurement system plans ahead to prepare for emergency glass repair needs. As a participant in our proactive glass care program, you will receive a professional survey of your facilities. Our glass specialists carefully measure your glass panes in all of your glass products and record this information for future use. Our glass specialists discuss the many benefits of this proactive glass care program.

Faster Emergency Repairs

The Advance Measurement system will give every business owner peace of mind. When we complete the survey on your facility, we create a customized diagram of every glass pane in your building. A corresponding diagram is drawn with record the specifications, including any safety requirements, recorded. The pane locations are numbered on the diagram.

If you experience breakage, simply call Glass Doctor of Chattanooga any time, day or night and report the number of the pane that needs to be replaced. We match the specifications of the pane with glass from our stock. Our glass specialists bring the proper tools and glass to restore your shop in a single visit.

Benefits of Proactive Glass Care


One trip installation save you labor costs as well as any lost revenue resulting from the glass damage.


The Advance Measurement system allows you to obtain professional repair quickly. When you join, we also set up your commercial account and pre-establish credit so you need not worry about the details during a time of crisis.


A boarded up window or front door may send an unwanted message to a potential client. Rather than risk losing customers, you swiftly solve the problem with our assistance.


Our glass specialists clean up the site, so that customers are not injured by broken glass. Our quick replacement service also allows you to re-establish security to avoid any further breakage or vandalism.

In-Stock Options

If you have glass that breaks often, another program we offer is In-Stock Options. Our glass specialists pre-orders glass according to your specifications so it is ready the moment you need it.

Great Emergency Glass Care

If you would like more information about this proactive glass care program or our full line of glass products and services, contact a representative from Glass Doctor of Chattanooga.