Home Window Tinting

Improving the energy efficiency of your home is an on-going process. Glass Doctor® of Chattanooga will find ways to reduce heating and cooling costs, improve safety and protect the investments you've made in your home, vehicle, or office building. We offer custom home window tinting and security films that support those aims and deliver a cost-effective maintenance solution.

Reduced Energy Consumption

By effectively blocking the ultra-violet (UV) light filtration that causes the greenhouse effect, home window tinting reduces your energy costs. Your air conditioning unit works less during the summer heat, so you pay less on monthly electric bills. Moreover, lower usage requirements increase the unit's longevity, extending your benefits.

Heightened Protection

Window tinting protects your investment by shielding your furniture, carpet and hardwoods from the fading power of sunlight. Your upholsteries, antiques and other valuables maintain their original look, optimizing their worth.

The addition of security films to your business gives every pane a nearly invisible defense. Along with scratch prevention, films reduce the hazards that accompany glass damage and breakage by inhibiting shattering. Rather than thousands of dangerous shards, the glass is held together in large, safe chunks for simplified removal.

Improved Comfort

Applying custom window tinting to your car, home or office building improves occupant comfort. The irritating glare and oven-like temperatures that occur from direct sunlight are eliminated, creating a comfortable environment for your family, customers and employees.

To learn more about window tinting and security film applications for your home, auto, or commercial building, contact Glass Doctor of Chattanooga to schedule an onsite consultation.