Door Closer Repair Service

Though many of them may not realize it, your customers notice the quality of your doors. Glass Doctor® of Chattanooga provides your business with manual door closer care and maintenance to prevent injury and keep your establishment and your customers safe.

How Door Closers Work

When a manual door closer is installed in a door, individuals can open the door without needing to close it on their own. When the door closer is correctly installed, the user should feel some initial resistance as they open the door, which will give them a feeling of the door's weight. After that brief resistance, the door will open smoothly and easily. When the user releases the door, a spring in the door activates, which helps the door closer's arm guide the door back to its frame at a controlled pace.

Common Door Closer Problems

Several situations can necessitate door closer care or replacement. For instance, heavy doors always require strong door closers with heavy springs. If a door's closer isn't strong enough for it, this may lead to misalignments, and the door or its closer may be damaged.

If your door closer is malfunctioning, you may also find the door difficult to lock. This poses an obvious security risk, and may also damage the doorframe, the closer and the locking mechanism.

Door Closer Care

It's always important for a trained specialist to perform any door closer care. We give our specialists extensive training on how to install and care for door closers, and we make sure they have the proper tools. If an untrained individual attempts to maintain a door closer, this can cause misalignments or damage to the doorframe. It can also cause unusual or unexpected motions of the door, which can be dangerous, and you may also void your door closer's warranty. In addition to door closers, our specialists perform glass repairs and service doorframes, hinges, thresholds and other hardware.

Improperly installed or maintained door closers are dangerous to your staff and customers. Avoid dangerous liabilities by contacting us today about your door closer.