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Custom Mirrors

From opening up your home's interior to complementing your furniture to decorating your walls, mirrors from Glass Doctor® of Chattanooga allow you to upgrade your home at minimal cost or inconvenience. We offer mirrors in a wide range of shapes and designs, and if our standard models don't suit you, we're happy to order custom mirrors and help you install them in your home. Our expert team also installs patio doors, French, doors, shelves, tabletops, and a myriad of other glass products. Homeowners interested in safety can order products made form tempered glass, while those committed to sustainability can order Low-E glass or double-pane windows. With Glass Doctor, a beautiful home is just a phone call away.

Custom Mirrors

Anyone who's lived in a city knows the challenge of making use of limited space. Although Glass Doctor can't make your house or apartment larger, we can make the interior look bigger through careful installation of custom mirrors. Mirrors also enhance natural lighting, making it easier to illuminate your home. Glass Doctor of Chattanooga offers a variety of styles and edges to add style to your mirror. Choose from beveled or antique with several glass thicknesses to choose from.

Looking to increase the beauty, sustainability, and function of your home? Contact Glass Doctor of Chattanooga today to learn more about your options for home upgrades.