Door Closer Repair Service

When your customers walk into your storefront, they should feel welcome. This means that your front door should open and close fluidly. Any disruption to their entry will hinder a customer's entrance. That's why you need door closers that ensure the proper operation of your doors. Glass Doctor Home + Business of Camden County® will provide you with the door closer service that you need to keep your door closers working correctly.

What Door Closers Are

A door closer is a device that manages the motion of your doors when someone enters. When the door is opened, the door closer allows the entrant to feel the weight of the door, before allowing the door to glide open smoothly. This prevents people from overexerting themselves and ensures that nobody accidentally moves the door too quickly. As soon as someone releases the door, the door closer slowly closes the door on its own. This allows your customers to focus on what's inside of your business and prevents people from accidentally slamming the door.

Door Closer Repair

If your door closer is damaged or worn, you must get door closer repair service done ASAP. This is because the following types of issues will occur when your door closer isn't working properly:

Misalignments: Because a door closer manages the motion of your door, a damaged door closer will throw your door off at awkward angles. This is unsightly, makes your door difficult to open and close, and will lead to other issues.

Door frame damage: The misalignment caused by a faulty door closer will eventually damage your door frame. This is because each time a misaligned door is shut, it collides with the door frame, causing undue wear and tear.

Oil leaks: The fluid motion of your door closer is managed by oil. If this oil leaks, mechanical problems will occur. Oil leaks are usually caused by broken seals in your door closer.

Hazardous situations: A malfunctioning door closer can be a serious safety hazard. This is because a broken door closer can cause a door to swing wildly at great speeds. This means that if someone tries to enter, they could be struck and injured by the door.

Difficulty locking the door: The misalignment caused by a broken door closer is likely to throw your door's lock out of line. This means that you will have to try to force the door in line to lock it, causing further damage. This is also a major security concern, especially if the door closer damage prevents you from locking your door.

Door Closer Maintenance

One of the best ways to avoid the need for door closer repair service is to have regular door closer maintenance. Our glass specialists have the skills and experience necessary to maintain your door closers. If your door closer is already damaged, we will repair or replace it, as necessary. It is critical that all of your door closer services are performed by a professional because amateur door closer service and installation can exacerbate damage or even cause new problems.

Glass Doctor Home + Business of Camden County will help you create a glorious customer service experience for your clients. Contact us today so that we can repair or upgrade your door closers soon!