Pet Doors for Homes in Bozeman, MT

Whether your pet is large or small, cat or dog, you know they love having the freedom to go outdoors without having to ask. You, on the other hand, love the style and looks of your glass doors. Glass Doctor of Bozeman® has the answer: a custom pet door built seamlessly into your existing glass patio doors.

The proprietary Glass Doctor pet door process makes your patio doors look just like they came from the factory with a perfectly sized pet door for your pets. Our custom glass pet doors can even be built with a rise or “step-over” height that’s custom tailored for your pet.

Unlike companies that need to cut or replace your whole door, our unique process only modifies the part of the door that the pet door will be installed in. We’ll also leave you the original glass, in case you want to return it to stock when it’s time to sell your home. Our pet doors are made to the same high standards as patio doors straight from the factory, so they never leak or draft, and are custom ordered using a fusion-welded frame and thermal safety glass sized to your exact needs. Even unusual, non-standard, or specialized patio doors can have a custom pet door installed.

Give us a call at 406-219-0246 and talk to one of Glass Doctor Bozeman’s professional and courteous representatives to find out more and schedule an estimate visit.


Picture of a patio door before adding a pet door

Patio door after installaing a pet door.