Glass Table Tops

With a custom glass table top from Glass Doctor® of Andalusia, AL you‘ll find it easy to protect your treasured antique desk or dining table. At the same time, custom-made glass brings new attention and a refined look to the piece. If you’d rather create a new custom glass table top, to complete an eye-catching transparent coffee table, for example, our glass experts create just what you need. What’s more, your brand new or rejuvenated table, with it’s smooth, yet subtly reflective surface,is simple to keep clean.

Our Glass Expertise is Your Advantage

At Glass Doctor® of Andalusia, AL, we bring the design process to you with a convenient on-site consultation in your home, store or office. During the meeting, we present options and ideas to enliven your home or workplace furnishings with a custom glass table top or countertop. You can combine designer details like tinted glass table tops, frosted or textured glass, ornate edge detail, uniquely sophisticated table top shapes and more. We make your custom glass table top ideas come alive-and address practical concerns; choosing the proper glass thickness and weight to suit your intended purpose and taking professional measurements.

Graphic of different glass edges

Consider custom glass table tops for your:

  • Kitchen table
  • Computer desk
  • Coffee table and end tables
  • Antique desks and tables
  • Meeting room table
  • And more

Custom Glass Table Top: Protection for Tables You Love

Tinted option: A tinted glass table top helps to prevent fading and blocks harmful UV radiation to preserve antique furniture.

Safety properties: For a patio table top, as an example, shatterproof or tempered glass is typically needed for outdoor safety. Similar glass is also used in glass shower enclosures and other household/business applications.

Custom Shelves: Stylish Presentation

Similar to custom glass table tops, custom-made shelving is designed to fit your needs perfectly. Superior to off-the-rack or one-size-fits-all shelves, our designs let you avoid clutter in any room. Glass shelves and display cases let you show off fine china, trophies, collections and products for sale to their best advantage. Your shelves are designed to fit an alcove or enhance an open area, perfectly fitting the items you intend to display.

Increase Visual Appeal

Custom shelving acts as a lovely showcase, bringing maximum visual value to shelved items. Custom-created shelves unify a collection of sculptural pieces, in a more meaningful way than spreading them around the room. The items you combine and place on your shelves tell a story to visitors and serve as a conversation piece. You’ll enjoy viewing your items more than ever when they're displayed in a place of honor on custom glass shelves.

Enjoy Functional Beauty

Custom-crafted glass table tops and shelves offer an ideal solution for residential or business needs, incorporating:

  • Sleek style: To improve atmosphere.
  • Configuration: To suit the location.
  • Carefully measured shelves: Ensures your items fit.
  • Glass detail choices: Adds your personal style.

When store-bought just won’t do, call Glass Doctor of Andalusia for custom glass table top or shelving design ideas! Ensure perfect sizing and function. Create the exact look necessary to make your home or business unique. Contact us today!