Advance Measurement System

At Glass Doctor® of Andalusia, AL, we know how important it is to have a backup plan for your business. If you own a commercial property in Andalusia and the surrounding area, your glass installations play a crucial role in your security, safety, curb appeal and more. When a pane breaks, you don't want to wait for repairs your business is exposed to the outdoor elements. With our Advance Measurement system, we help you plan ahead to expedite your future repair needs.

Measure Your Glass Now

You may not be able to prevent extreme weather, accidents and other disasters from breaking your glass, but you do have a proactive way to make the solution faster and more affordable. When you sign up for our Advance Measurement system, we will send a specialist to measure all the panes on your property. We always make a detailed diagram with numbers corresponding to each pane, allowing us to keep track of the type, dimensions and location of each and every glass installation.

Make Emergency Repairs Easy

Our emergency repair services are available 24 hours a day, including nights, weekends and holidays. However, if we don't have all the information we need, the repair process will take longer. Advance Measurement allows us to skip several steps, including establishing your payment information, finding your business, measuring your window or door opening and making an additional appointment for your replacement.

Save Money and Time

Our in-stock replacement program makes it even easier to secure a replacement right away. When you call us to report a broken glass, all we have to do is look up the corresponding pane in our system and bring it with us. Instead of making one trip for a board-up and coming back later to install the replacement, we will take care of everything the first time around. Your customers and clients won't have to deal with eyesores or safety hazards, and we won't have to interrupt your business transactions.

Enroll in Our Program

At Glass Doctor of Andalusia, AL, we make it easy to plan ahead with our proactive business recovery plan. Call us at (334) 222-1900 to learn more about our Advance Measurement system or schedule your inspection today.