Commercial Door Closer Service

Make a strong first impression on customers by investing in maintenance and door closer repair services today. Glass Doctor® of Andalusia offers comprehensive manual door closer installation and repair services to keep your doors in excellent condition during business hours.

How Door Closers Operate

Manual door closers are engineered to require minimal effort to open a door and no effort at all to close it. When a door closer is working correctly, an individual should feel some initial resistance upon opening the door, and then the door should open with ease. Once force is no longer applied to the door, a spring component causes the door to slowly close until it comes to rest within the door frame.

Door Closer Repair

Door closer maintenance is crucial to achieve an inviting business. Our team will resolve common door closer issues, which restores curb appeal and the customer's experience.

Incorrect types of door closers: The heavier a door is, the stronger the springs and door closer should be. Installing the wrong kind of door closer presents many safety hazards to customers, not to mention damaging the door, door frame or door closer itself.

Improperly installed and adjusted door closers: Glass Doctor of Andalusia has years of combined experience installing and repairing door closers. It's always important to seek the assistance of a professional when installing a door closer, performing maintenance, or adjusting the spring. Specialist care will prevent issues such as:

  • Misalignments
  • Damage to the doorframe
  • Abrupt door movement
  • Low oil levels and seal damage

A broken seal will lead to a variety of problems such as lubrication leaks, exposure of clearance gaps, and damage to hardware. An oil leak is often indicative of missing door closer components, failed seals, or damage to the O-rings. Schedule to have our specialists inspect your doors and replace the oil if needed. Poor lubrication may lead to customer injury by allowing the door to open or close much too fast.

Difficult to lock doors: If particular doors don't lock without extra effort, it may present a security risk to your business. A damaged lock will cause harm to the lock, the door closer and the door frame over time.

Door Closer Maintenance Services:

It's always important to only have experienced specialists perform repairs on your door closer. Attempting repairs yourself will likely void the warranty on the door closer. Glass Doctor of Andalusia has the expertise and training necessary to complete the job in a consistent, timely manner. Take advantage of our door closer repair and maintenance program to keep your doors working perfectly all year long. Our team is also happy to offer help with thresholds, glass repair, hinges, doorframes, and window components. Contact Glass Doctor of Andalusia over the phone today to learn more about our extensive business services. Schedule an appointment for the quickest response, fill out a service request, and our team will contact you to discuss your needs.