Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors instantly upgrade the look of any space when you use the right sizes in great spots. Retail stores have a variety of mirrors in different sizes, but finding the perfect one for decorative goals could take days. Save your time and energy by ordering a custom mirror from Glass Doctor® of Andalusia, AL.

Custom Mirrors for Your Covington County Home

The custom-mirror design process begins with an in-person consultation in your home. During the visit, a glass specialist will learn more about how you want your space to look. The expert will provide suggestions about the best sizes and locations to hang the decorative glass. Explaining your vision to our specialists will also help us understand how you wish to use custom mirrors to beautify your home. Most homeowners use them to make spaces seem larger, enhance lighting or highlight items. Knowing how you wish to use your custom creation will help us achieve your interior design goals.

Add Depth to a Space

Strategically placed mirrors make spaces seem open, brighter and interesting. Place one on a dining room wall to reflect a beautiful chandelier. Echo a gorgeous view by placing a large mirror on the wall opposite a large window. Large mirrors in a small room or tight hallway create the illusion of extra space and make it appear brighter. The experts at Glass Doctor of Andalusia, AL can cut mirrors into virtually any shape you desire, allowing your creativity to go wild.

Popular custom mirror choices that Andalusia area residents choose include:

  • Statement mirror: Hang a large, framed mirror above a fireplace mantle, couch or the wall opposite a view.
  • Mirrored walls: Line a wall with one large mirror or several smaller ones to make a space look bigger and brighter.
  • Mirrored backsplash: Give a bathroom or kitchen a modern, unique update with tiled mirrors above countertops that beautifully reflect light.

Highlight Your Favorite Home Accents

Custom mirrors hung on the wall opposite your favorite works of art emphasize their colors and accentuate their grandeur. You may also use the decorative glass to direct light onto them. Glass Doctor of Andalusia, AL allows you to complete the look of your bespoke mirrors with a variety of frames, tints, edges and finishes that complement your stunning home.

Decorative mirrors worth consideration include:

  • Framed mirrors: Framed mirrors give a space added personality.
  • Grouped mirrors: Hang mirrors alongside artwork or photographs to give your collection a professionally curated feel.
  • Mirrored shelves: Mirrored shelves and cabinetry provide a multi-angle, hands-free view of collections.

Brighten Your Home

Mirrors provide an optimal wall to enhance the natural and artificial lighting in a space without purchasing lamps or consuming more energy. Use mirrors to increase the lighting in a room with ideas such as:

  • Mounted mirrors: Hang mirrors behind lamps, lanterns and sconces to boost their illuminating power.
  • Mirrors in furniture: If the space on a wall is limited, install mirrors on cabinet or closet doors, or use mirrored tabletops on vanities, desks or end tables.

Mirrors Made to Impress

It’s simple to use custom mirrors to your advantage. A tall, framed mirror resting against a wall, for instance, makes an excellent focal point. Shine a light behind it give it a glowing look. Hang a mirror horizontally in a staircase or hallway to make the space appear wider and improve the transition between rooms. Get a head-to-toe view of yourself before walking out the door with a floor-to-ceiling mirror.

Custom mirrors provide an affordable way to transform the look of your home. Get started today and schedule a consultation with Glass Doctor of Andalusia, AL.