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Auto Window Tinting

Not only does auto window tint create a sleek and stylish look that is sure to turn heads, it also provide protection from harmful UV rays that will cause your interior to fade and crack. Rogue sunrays are to blame for distracting glares while you are driving, too. The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Albion can provide you with the best in auto tinting installation services so you enjoy the benefits of auto window tinting for a great value.

Safer Driving

With so many dangers already on the road, glare from the sun limiting your visibility is one hazard you can reduce. Auto window tint will reduce glare and help block the sun, even in areas where your visor won’t reach. Enjoy better visibility and safer driving with stylish auto tint.

Protect Your Interior

Even if your vehicle is still running like new, the interior can begin to look old and faded after a few years of constant exposure to the sun. You can reduce fading and prevent your dashboard and other interior surfaces from cracking and peeling by installing window tint, which will work to block the majority of sunlight. Make sure your vehicle continues to look like new for longer.

Improve Privacy and Security

If you have a habit of leaving valuables, such as laptops and cellphones, in your vehicle, you don't want to do it advertise them to the rest of the world. Tinted windows will provide you a certain amount of privacy, so you avoid becoming a target for theft. The kids will also enjoy being able to watch videos without the annoying screen glare. A little added privacy can benefit the whole family.

Increase Comfort

It doesn’t take long for the interior of your vehicle to heat up and reach uncomfortable temperatures. Leaving your car in the parking lot for a few minutes can make it downright scary to sit on leather and vinyl seats. The application of auto window tint will maintain a more comfortable interior temperature in your vehicle. Stay cool and comfortable even in warmer climates with our auto glass tint services.

Free Consultation

No matter why you are interesting in upgrading your vehicle with window tinting, call Glass Doctor of Albion, MI today for a free consultation. Our glass specialists will answer all your questions, provide you with an accurate quote and help you prepare for your auto tint installation project.