Advance Measurement System

Prepare for unexpected disasters and commercial damages with proactive glass care from Glass Doctor® of Albion, MI. Your Advance Measurement membership guarantees the most efficient recovery glass repair and replacement services from our glass experts. System advantages start with assessment and measurement of all facility glass panes. After recording pane specifications and safety code requirements, we number all panes on an easy-to-read diagram. Refer to this diagram when reporting damages and expect an immediate response from our experienced team.

Efficient Emergency Replacements

Don’t hesitate to contact Glass Doctor of Albion, MI, immediately after window or door pane damage occurs. Simply report pane-specific numbers listed on your diagram. We’ll match these to available options in our existing inventory or order the perfect replacements. On-hand replacements allow for immediate restoration without the need for unsightly transitional board-up. This maintains curb appeal and a low overhead for minimal disruptions to your daily transactions. Pre-establish personal credit and contact details to expedite Advance Measurement proactive glass care today.

In-Stock Program Options

Preorder replacement glass panes in order to save on lost time and money. Our in-stock program makes restoration 100% hassle-free. Sign up to reserve backup panes at our location, ready for installation at your notice.

Advance Measurement Advantages

  • Security: Prevent potential theft and vandalism
  • Curb appeal: Eliminate unsightly board-up
  • Pre-established credit: Eliminate potential billing conflicts and pay immediately on your next replacement
  • Savings: One-stop installation services
  • Convenience: Minimal business disruptions
  • Liability: Reduce financial loss with professional glass disposal

Serving Marshall and surrounding Calhoun County, Glass Doctor of Albion, MI, delivers professional proactive glass care to every local business, regardless of industry. Call 517-565-4129 or complete an online order request form to reach our team of experts directly. We’ll schedule a convenient Advance Measurement inspection to start your instant savings.