Emergency Business Glass Services

A broken window pane or glass door undermines the security of your business; it is a problem you cannot ignore or push aside. Glass Doctor® of Albion, MI, offers businesses emergency glass repair service every hour of every day. Our specialists deliver first-rate care no matter the issue. To hasten service, consider joining our glass service programs created to benefit local business performance and deliver quick, quality glass care. 

Make Business Emergency Glass Repair Quicker

We offer the Advance Measurement system to Albion businesses to streamline glass repair and replacement services. Glass Doctor of Albion, MI, specialists come to your location and create a drawing of the structure pinpointing all the glass fixtures, including doors, windows and interior panes. Each pane is given a unique number. One drawing is given to you and the other stays with our team.

If a glass in your business sustains damage, contact our team immediately. Report the damaged glass' number based on the drawing. We will check our inventory to find the appropriate glass size, type and style. If the pane is in our inventory, we spirited to your establishment and install the new glass immediately. If we must order the glass, we arrive prepared to complete a board up service. The Advance Measurement system allows for an entire replacement service to occur in a single visit, saving you time and money.

We suggest you pre-establish credit for your business and verify contact details to speed up the glass repair and replacement process. Combining our superior glass repair skills with proactive glass care ensures your business' glass remains intact.

Commercial Care in Albion

Take advantage of our Commercial Care program, designed to give our business clients the edge in commercial glass care. Participants enjoy:

  • Dedicated specialists to undertake replacement and repair of glass
  • Priority service after business hours
  • Discount on emergency board-up
  • Special membership price for services
  • Commercial account for businesses in Commercial Care program

The safety and security of your business is paramount. Combine our programs to ensure your shop never suffers from prolonged glass damage. Contact Glass Doctor immediately for business emergency glass repair and let our experts do what they do the best while you enjoy peace of mind.