Industry Glass Solutions

For businesses seeking outstanding commercial glass repair, remodeling and replacement services, Glass Doctor® of Albion, MI, is your greatest asset. We offer businesses a variety of glass care services and programs designed to ensure premium care. Take advantage of our Commercial Care program that includes emergency after-hours board-up, discounted repair services and 15% off all auto glass work conducted at your business. No matter what work you need done, our commercial glass repair specialists are prepared to respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Commercial Glass Repair in Albion

Apartments and Condominiums

Glass Doctor of Albion, MI, has considerable experience repairing, revamping and completely renovating units in apartments or condominiums. We will repair or upgrade mirrors, windows, shower doors and much more. For your on-site facilities like pools or workout rooms, our team will install safety glass and safety backing for mirrors as needed. Outfit your gym and locker room with a wide selection of mirrors that best accommodate your needs. Also, all residents on your property will enjoy a 15% discount on all auto glass repair or replacement.

apartment windows


From customized tabletops to commercial glass repair, Glass Doctor of Albion, MI, has the resources and experience needed to keep your restaurant looking great. For restaurants with patio areas, ask our seasoned experts about installing windbreaks, partitions and safety glass. We also provide a wide selection of beautiful decorative glass options for windows, atriums and sliding doors. If your restaurant is in need of a replacement drive-thru window or sneeze guard for the buffet, our specialists are more than happy to help.

Schools and Universities

Trust our glass specialists to perform repairs or install new glass surfaces for a myriad of applications. For laboratories, Glass Doctor of Albion, MI, will install one-way observation glass. Glass tabletops and desktops will also be installed according to your unique specifications. Improve student and faculty safety by investing in fire-resistant glass or protective glazing for both new and existing glass. We will also install new display cases to highlight your school or university's accomplishments over the years.


Renovate and enhance your retail environment with help from Glass Doctor of Albion, MI. Our specialists offer comprehensive commercial glass repair, replacement and upgrade services to suit your unique needs. Our specialists will also install display cases or custom glass shelving to accommodate the design of your business. We will install new dressing room mirrors and decorative glass to revitalize your business. Our glass comes in a variety of styles including stained, etched and beveled. For additional safety, ask our specialists about bullet and fire-resistant glass.

Hotels and Motels

Revitalize your hotel or motel rooms with beautifully decorated dresser mirrors and full-sized wall mirrors. You will also benefit from upgrading windows to more energy-efficient options such as double-pane models. New shower doors will also create a much more inviting space for guests. Glass Doctor of Albion, MI, provides choices such as heavy, framed and frameless shower doors. Improve the functionality of your on-site facilities like workout area, locker room and showers with brand new mirrors.

Cities and Municipalities

Glass Doctor of Albion, MI, has the experience needed to perform commercial glass repair and installation for an entire city or municipality. Commercial glass windows, doors and entryways will easily be repaired or replaced as needed. We will also lower energy consumption by offering a wide selection of efficient window upgrades to consider. For additional safety, ask about our specialty glass for both remodeling and ongoing construction projects. Our expedited purchase orders and custom glass services will ensure your city or municipality is always shining like new.

For expert assistance, contact Glass Doctor of Albion, MI, over the phone or fill out a quick service request online today.