Storefront Doors

Whether your company is in the retail, service, government or education industry, your glass doors are the portals that keep your business running smoothly. Commercial glass care, especially when there’s emergency damage, is a job for Glass Doctor® of Albion, MI, professionals. If breakage occurs, day or night, you can’t wait for business hours to seek storefront door repair; the sense of urgency to protect pedestrians, prevent weather damage, deter vandalism and get back to business is essential.

Storefront Doors

Our area of Michigan has its share of severe weather. One of the strongest glass options we offer for storefront doors is our impact safety glass, but you may also consider bulletproof and fire-resistant glass to keep your employees and customers safe from other dangers. Tempered safety glass is the best option for interior glass because it is made to break safely. In addition to installing decorative glass on your storefront, ask our team about imprinting your company name, logo and other information.

Storefront doors aren’t the only fixtures that need Glass Doctor of Albion, MI, care. As part of our Advance Measurement model, our glass professionals assess all of your building’s glass and mirror walls, windows, decor and specialty areas, like restaurant sneeze guards and dressing rooms. We keep a glass inventory in stock that may meet your size specifications so that in an emergency, your down time is much shorter.

Security Film

One of the goals of every Glass Doctor of Albion, MI, specialist is to educate business owners and managers about the value of security film for storefront doors, windows and mirrors. The film itself can be as understated and attractive as possible, allowing sunlight to enter. But its tear-free properties are a deterrent to vandalism; when your storefront glass breaks into large, safe chunks, the security film still offers a barrier. The film can also filter harmful UV rays that damage furniture, curtains, carpeting, and window facades and can be applied on your existing storefront windows and doors.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Just as your hours of operation are appropriate and convenient to ensure the best possible customer satisfaction, Glass Doctor of Albion, MI, is available 24/7. Glass emergencies don’t always happen at a convenient time, and you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll have the fastest response possible to your glass emergency as well as excellent installation. Our first responders will clear the area of any glass debris, then quickly board-up the damage site, protecting your business from additional weather damage or vandalism. We’ll return with your custom-cut windows or storefront doors at a time convenient to you.

Our business is here to help your business. Glass Doctor of Albion, MI, glass professionals are trained in commercial glass care, especially storefront door repair and replacement. Proactive business owners and managers put their glass repair and replacement plan in place before they need it, and you can too! Call 517-565-4129 or contact Glass Doctor of Albion, MI, today. Your glass specialists live and work in Marshall, Albion and the surrounding areas, so they ensure your storefront door repair or replacement is done quickly and efficiently, to keep your operations running smoothly.