Home Window Tinting

Window tints enhance the comfort, safety and energy efficiency of your home. Tints filter out harmful UV rays and add a layer of protection against shattered glass. Window tints also create visual appeal in a space. Glass Doctor® of Albion, MI works with clients to add window tints to their home, business or vehicle. We'll discuss options and advise which window tints work best in your space.


Windows are one of your most vulnerable barriers against the elements; the panes allow light to enter your home but harsh light can damage your interior. While the sun is a welcoming sight, it can also cause damage to interior pieces or heat a space beyond a comfortable temperature. When you add a home window tint, you receive an array of benefits. Furniture, flooring and fabrics are protected from excessive fading. You're protected from exposure to UV rays and climate control gets a boost. Use home window tint to add a decorative layer to panes throughout your home. Applying tints with patterns, colors and textures will incorporate a unique and interesting focal element in each room. Don’t feel you have to stop at windows either! Glass doors, tabletops and other panes can be made over as well.


Many business establishments feature expansive areas of glass. Protect employees and customers against UV rays and potential breakage with security window tinting. The film used in the window tinting process holds shattered glass in place, preventing liability from unforeseen circumstances and accidents. Energy costs will also see a reduction as climate control becomes more efficient.


It’s no secret that our skin is affected by long-term exposure to the sun. A window tint for your auto glass acts as a barrier against damaging rays in your car. Other benefits include better visibility by reducing distracting glares, protection against fabric fade and a safeguard from shattered glass if you’re ever in an accident.

Allow Glass Doctor of Albion, MI to install window tint on your most valuable assets today!