Windshield Repair and Replacement in Wichita

You may be prepared for the humid summers and snowy winters that Wichita brings, but is your windshield? Having an intact windshield provides you with extra protection against elements that cause poor visibility such as:

  • Potentially harmful UV rays
  • High winds with flying debris
  • Obtrusive snow flurries
  • Excessive rain

Windshields also play an important role in maintaining your car's structure. In the event of an accident, a damaged windshield can cause serious or fatal circumstances such as a caved-in roof or failed airbag deployment.

Your windshield's condition affects its functionality. If it's cracked or chipped, you and your passengers could be at a greater risk of injury.

The glass professionals at Glass Doctor Auto of Wichita offers all types of car window replacement services to put you and your passengers at ease while on the road.

Windshield Repair for Chips

Windshield chips should be addressed immediately to prevent debris from accumulating inside of the chip. Once this happens, it's possible for the damage to spread. That's why waiting to take care of a chip could escalate a simple windshield repair to a full windshield replacement.

Whether your windshield chip necessitates a repair or replacement, our glass pros have you covered with our comprehensive auto glass services.

a woman sitting inside a white car staring at a cracked windshield

Repairing vs. Replacing Your Windshield

We examine the damage to your windshield to determine whether you would benefit from a repair or replacement. While we make every effort to perform a repair, sometimes that isn't always feasible.

In general, you may need a full windshield replacement instead of repair if the chip in your windshield has any of the following features:

  • Bigger than 25mm in diameter
  • Coupled with a crack in the glass
  • Located on the driver's side

Windshield Replacement

We are dedicated to keeping you safe and dry while on the road, no matter how many rainy days in Kansas you have to face. That's why we provide two types of protection at the time of your windshield installation: the Windshield Protection Plan and a Limited Windshield Warranty. Both plans are designed to make sure you and your passengers can comfortably and safely reach your destination.

The Windshield Protection Plan:

  • Covers glass damage, with the exception of damage from collision, vandalism, fraud, or acts of God, for 12 months from your original installation date
  • Includes unlimited repairs or a one-time replacement to your windshield (labor excluded)
  • Takes care of the cost of glass should you need a replacement

The Limited Warranty Plan:

  • Provides a lifetime warranty against leakage
  • Accounts for any workmanship errors or manufacturing defects
  • Covers the labor involved in resealing the leak in your windshield. If we can't reseal it, we'll replace it

Glass Doctor Auto of Wichita Full-Service Plan

For an additional cost, we offer a Full-Service Plan to provide a discount for choosing these three useful service options at the time of your windshield installation:

  • The Future Installation Option covers the costs associated with glass replacement and repair that are not already covered within the Windshield Protection Plan, such as labor, adhesives, and moldings.
  • The Hydrophobic Coating Option repels rain, snow, and dirt to provide a clear front-windshield view while driving — something you'll appreciate during Wichita's wet summers and snowy winters.
  • The Wiper Blade Option includes new wiper blades to help to keep your windshield clean and streak-free.

FAQs about Windshield Repair and Replacement

Can you fix a cracked windshield without replacing it?

A cracked windshield will most likely necessitate replacement. For a more detailed assessment of the damage to your windshield, schedule an appointment online with one of our glass pros.

What is the cost of the Glass Doctor Windshield Protection Plan and the Limited Warranty Plan?

We give both of these plans to you free of charge at the time of your windshield installation.

Contact Your Local Glass Doctor Auto of Wichita for Windshield Repair

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