Car Window Replacement and Repair Services in Wichita

While driving around Wichita, you probably enjoy seeing the historic architecture, the Art Museum, and more. Don’t let chips and cracks in your car window turn your scenic view into a kaleidoscope exhibit.

Even if you don’t consider the blemishes to your glass to be significant, it’s risky to let any damage linger.

Glass Doctor Auto of Wichita has expert glass professionals ready to assist you with your car window replacement needs.

a male Glass Doctor service professional standing beside a car window

Types of Car Windows We Replace

We know that any glass in your car is subject to damage. That’s why we service all glass parts of your car including:

  • Windshields (with a Windshield Protection Plan)
  • Rear window glass
  • Door windows including driver’s side window and passenger side window
  • Sunroofs and moonroofs
  • Quarter glass
  • Power windows
  • Mirror glass

Car Window Repair vs. Car Window Replacement

You may already know that damage to your car window can prevent it from working properly — which means not letting your windows down to enjoy the breeze during Wichita’s crisp October days.  However, you may be surprised to learn that repairing your side car windows often means replacing them.

While we make every effort to repair certain types of windshield damage, car window repair is not always feasible. This is because your windshield is made of laminate glass while most side car windows are made of tempered glass that breaks into small pieces with enough applied force.

Even if you were to try to make repairs to tempered glass, its overall structure would still remain weak and prone to breakage because of the way the glass is made.

Replacing your car windows is always the safer and longer lasting option.

How We Replace Your Car Windows

Our car window replacement process is governed by Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) industry standard best practices. We take great care to alleviate your panes by ensuring that we:

  1. Clean any broken glass in or around your car window frame.
  2. Remove your window’s seal or vapor barrier.
  3. Install your new window according to the latest AGSC safety standards.
  4. Replace the seal or vapor barrier.
  5. Test your power window regulator to make sure your windows work properly.

FAQs about Car Window Repair and Replacement

What do I do if my side window is smashed?

Driving with a smashed window can put you at risk of theft, water damage, and even severe injury in the case of an accident. We recommend you steer clear of any broken glass around the damaged window, and call one of our glass technicians immediately at (316) 302-5141.

How much does it cost to fix side car glass?

If the glass in your car’s side windows breaks or is damaged, it will typically need to be replaced rather than fixed. Replacement costs vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. For a personalized quote, contact one of our glass professionals.

Can a sunroof made of laminate glass be repaired instead of replaced?

Certain types of damage to laminate glass can be repaired. Contact our experts to learn more about our repair and replacement criteria for laminate glass.

Contact Your Local Glass Doctor Auto of Wichita to Replace Your Car Windows

Don’t compromise your safety by ignoring the damage to your car windows. Schedule an appointment online with one of our glass experts so that you can drive with confidence again.