Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

Your home's safety and comfort are both severely compromised when your window breaks or shatters. As such, you absolutely cannot wait to get it repaired. Glass Doctor® of Westchester, Nassau & The Bronx Counties provides 24/7 emergency glass repair service to anyone in need. Regardless of whether your window is broken at 7 p.m. on a Monday or 3 a.m. on a Sunday, our team of glass specialists is ready and willing to help you maintain your indoor comfort and protect your family.

24/7 Emergency Glass Repair

Our around the clock emergency glass repair services are available to all Westchester, Nassau and Bronx area residents. We do not want you to be forced to sleep in a drafty, unsafe home while you wait for our doors to open, so give our team a call and we will get a glass specialist out to your home ASAP.

On the Spot Glass Specialist Service

Glass Doctor of Westchester, Nassau & The Bronx Counties does not just come to your home for a consultation or inspection, but when our specialists come to your home they bring along all of the tools that they need to make the emergency repairs. In most cases, our emergency glass repair services include these three steps:

  1. The area is swept for broken glass and a glass specialist cleans up every shard.
  2. A glass specialist repairs the window or boards up the broken window if a pane must be ordered. Either way, we ensure your home will be safe and draft-free before we leave.
  3. We schedule an appropriate time to complete a permanent window repair or replacement.

That's it. After these quick and easy steps, you can get back to your regular routine worry-free. If you have broken glass in your home, contact Glass Doctor of Westchester, Nassau & The Bronx Counties today!