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Door Closer Repair Service


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Even the smallest details help potential customers form an opinion about your business and ultimately affect your bottom line. It is important to do everything you can to make a strong and lasting first impression. When you partner with Glass Doctor® of Westchester & The Bronx Counties our experts will help you set up a preventative maintenance plan that includes door closer care so that you can create a safe and welcoming entryway for both returning and potential customers.

How Door Closers Work

If your commercial door is working properly, you probably haven't given much thought to the role or importance of the door closer. However, it is a key part of providing a safe and inviting entrance. A door closer uses adds resistance to the door, which in turn, gives a sense of how heavy the door is. As a customer pushes on the door, it should smoothly glide open. When the resistance stops, the door's spring mechanism will gently return the door to the door frame.

When one of these vital parts fails to work properly, the door can become difficult to open and close too quickly and with too much force. This can cause damage to the door frame and could cause injury. Fortunately, our door closer care services are specially designed to help you avoid accidents and create an attractive storefront.

Seal repairs and low oil levels: A broken seal or missing screw is enough to create gaps and oil leaks that will prevent your hardware from operating at an optimal level. While adding oil may sound like an easy DIY task, it should be left to the experts. Inadequate oil levels can cause the door to close too quickly, which could harm your customers and cause damage to your building.

Locks that are malfunctioning: Not only is a sticky lock an inconvenience that can cause frustration, it also creates a security risk. Making sure that your locks are in working order will protect your business and avoid any damage to door frames and other door components.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

What many business owners don't realize is that doing their own repairs can actually void their door closer warranty. The good news is that the experts at Glass Doctor of Westchester & The Bronx Countiesare just a phone call away and they have the training and experience to handle your repair and maintenance needs. By participating in our specially designed door closer care and maintenance plan, you can enjoy the perfect solution to all your safety and operating concerns. Your door will remain in perfect working condition and provide the perfect welcome to all your customers and employees. In addition to repairing and maintaining door closers, we can also provide expert assistance with doorframes, hinges, thresholds and practically any type of hardware. Last but not lease, local businesses turn to us first for all their glass repair and installation needs.

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