Home Window Glass Repair & Replacement Services in Vienna, IL

Establishing quality window glass care is simpler than you might think, Glass Doctor® of Vienna specializes in emergency and home window repair and replacement using only high-quality materials and industry standard practices. We work to accommodate your schedule and budget with around the clock availability and upfront pricing. Your satisfaction is paramount and we strive to deliver the best glass care.

Emergency Services

When your home’s security is compromised by broken or damaged window glass, your life is disrupted leaving your home exposed to outside elements. Glass Doctor of Vienna responds to your emergency glass repair call quickly, regardless of the day or time. Our experts efficiently clean the area and complete the repair on the same visit when possible. If replacement glass must be ordered, our team performs an emergency board up of the damaged area until a permanent repair can be completed.

Double Pane Window Repair

Double pane windows eventually show signs of wear and damage. One indication of broken seals around double pane windows is a foggy appearance on the glass caused by a buildup of condensation between the panes. Aside from diminishing the beauty of your windows, broken seals decrease the energy efficiency of your home. Our specialists replace the glass panes using your existing window frames saving you time and money.

Specialty Glass Repair

Window glass replacement is just one of many services we offer. Talk to one of our experts today and learn about our other custom glass services that include mirrors, tabletops, shelves, patio doors, and even garage doors.

Home Window Replacement

Glass Doctor of Vienna offers a wide array of options for replacing entire windows in your home. Our experts will guide you through the process of choosing the perfect replacement windows and will provide you with insights on various types of units including double and triple pane insulated glass units (IGUs).


Modern advancements in glass technology have produced options to improve comfort and efficiency. Our window glass replacement units such as low-emissivity (Low-E) windows and IGUs strengthen energy efficiency and minimize noise from outside. Replacing damaged or worn windows with such advanced options adds value, comfort and lasting appeal to your home.

Additional Glass Services

Glass Protectant

An easy way to protect your home’s glass from scratches and stains is an application of Hydrophobic Coating glass protectant. Clear Choice can be applied to granite, porcelain and tile surfaces as well. Hydrophobic Coating can be applied to granite, porcelain and tile surfaces as well. Ask one of our experts about adding Hydrophobic Coating to protect the surfaces in your home.


UV rays from the sun can damage your home’s interior and raise the cost of cooling your home in the warmer months. Adding tint to your windows decreases the effects of these harmful rays, protecting your furnishings and saving you money.

Window Component Repair

Old, difficult to open windows are no match for Glass Doctor of Vienna. We offer options for repairing balances, tilt latches, and sash locks in addition to window glass replacement.

Gain the Advantage

Glass Doctor of Vienna bundles savings and convenience into the Advantage Plan® with:

  • Priority scheduling
  • Members-only discounts on services and repairs
  • A complimentary home inspection
  • Breakage guarantee for the life of your membership

Contact Glass Doctor of Vienna today for all your home glass needs!