Commercial Door Closer Service in Vienna, IN

Great customer service begins the moment an individual walks through the door. Make sure that your business’ first impression starts with a door that works properly. Glass Doctor ®of Vienna provides commercial door closer repair and door closer maintenance services, ensuring the safety of commercial doors and all those who walk through them.

Door Closer Problems

Door closers develop several issues that interfere with their ability to operate safely. Our professionals provide door closer repair services to correct the following problems:

  • Incorrect types of door closers: Each door requires the right closer to ensure its safe operation. For example, large, heavy doors require closers with strong springs.
  • Improperly installed and adjusted door closers: A properly installed and adjusted door closer helps increase the door's performance and longevity. Our service professionals have the tools, training, and experience to install new door closers as well as properly adjust and maintain your existing ones.
  • Seal repairs and low oil levels: If your doors have broken seals, your business is less energy-efficient. Hardware problems may cause the oil to leak, creating a dangerous situation where doors open or close too quickly.
  • Difficult to lock doors: A door that's difficult to lock poses a safety issue for your customers, employees, and the premises. It could also cause damage to your door closer, frame and locking mechanism.

We'll protect your doors from the following types of problems:

  • Damage to the door frame
  • Sudden, unexpected movements
  • Misalignments, which make your doors hard to open or close

Door Closer Maintenance Services

A door closer still under warranty needs to be repaired by someone with proper training to avoid voiding the remainder of the warranty. Our service professionals are highly qualified to handle your door closer needs, as well as any door frame or hardware issue. Contact our experts today to schedule the door closer care services you need. We'll make sure they operate properly, creating the impression you want while keeping your customers safe.