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Auto Window Tinting

Window tinting will add a stylish edge to any vehicle. In addition, tinted windows help prevent the sun from overheating your car and destroying your interior. When you are driving, you won't have to worry about glare or sunlight blinding you when you have tinted windows. Glass Doctor® of Northwest Indiana will deliver all of these benefits with a professional tinted window installation.

Benefits of Auto Window Tinting.

Interior Protection

The sun's UV rays damage almost everything, including your car's interior. Over time, sunlight will cause your interior's colors to fade, and make different parts crack and warp. Tinted windows will prevent the sun from causing damage to your car's interior.


Prying eyes could be trying to peer inside of your vehicle at any time. Whether you want to deter thieves or maintain the privacy of your vehicle's interior, an auto glass tint will block prying eyes.


Your sun visor cannot reach everywhere. Install window tinting to reduce harsh glares without losing sight lines. The enhanced visibility will make driving more comfortable and safer.

Enhanced Comfort

There are few things worse than getting into a hot car that burns your hands to touch. An auto glass tint prevents the sunlight from turning your car into an oven.

Upgraded Style

You don't need an expensive new paint job or high-priced vehicle trim to upgrade your vehicle's style. A professional auto glass tint will give your car a sleek look.

Trust Professionals with Auto Glass Tint

Applying glass tint is not a DIY project. Glass Doctor of Northwest Indiana will ensure your new auto is applied seamlessly. We work with a variety of makes and models. Contact our team to for a free evaluation today!