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Double Pane Windows

Whether you are attempting to increase the energy efficiency of your home or make an investment to increase its value, double pane windows will achieve your goals. These insulated windows provide homes and businesses with a myriad of benefits that quickly allow you to recuperate your investment in them. Trust the glass specialists of Glass Doctor® of Northwest Indiana to perfectly install them in your home.

Benefits of Double Pane Windows

double pane window

Energy Efficiency

Due to the insulated glass structure of double pane windows, the unit is able to keep heat where you want it. Whether your aim is to keep the heat out in the summer or the heated air inside in the winter, a double pane window will achieve this goal. This process gives your air conditioning and heat systems relief, reducing the workload and overall energy costs.

Statistics indicate homeowners can reduce their energy usage up to 24% in colder climates during winter months and up to 18% during summer months, in comparison to using single pane windows. Installing top-of-the line double pane windows may even result in higher energy efficiency. This increased efficiency will help you save money on your utility bills, paying for themselves overtime.

Ability to Handle Temperature Changes

Homes are subject to the brunt of weather changes, which weigh heavily on window construction. A home's windows are the primary source of the temperature exchange in the building. When windows are not properly sealed, the air can leak out and the space can become drafty.

Glass Doctor of Northwest Indiana double pane windows address these issues. These windows are insulated, so they are able to balance and regulate the climate inside a structure. However, if a seal on your windows is broken, it is important that you notify a Glass Doctor of Northwest Indiana specialist as broken seals can lead to the same issues as lesser-insulated windows. You may notice a seal is broken if you see a milky appearance or condensation below the window panes.

Greater Comfort

Double pane windows provide effective insulation that adds to your home's comfort. In winter months, insulated glass helps to reduce the heat transmitted through windows. This process allows the room to maintain a constant temperature. During summer months, insulated glass helps to decrease the amount of heat gain between the home and the outside. Your home is able to hold a consistent temperature, which creates a more comfortable living environment.

Noise Blockage

The insulated aspect of double pane windows also helps to block out noise from the outside. No longer will loud neighbors or unexpected weather disturb your sleep. Enjoy peace and quiet within your home.

Environmental Benefits

Using well-insulated windows also helps the environment through reduced energy usage. More efficiency equals less burning of fossil fuels and harmful emissions. You can protect yourself from the environment with window additions, such as tinting or installing low-emissivity panes. Call today for a free consultation!

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