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Door Closer Repair Service

Taking time to renovate your business entryway can mean the difference between a great first impression and one that is sub-par. Increase the welcoming feel of your business by maintaining a door that works properly. The team at Glass Doctor® of Northwest Indiana will help keep customers coming through your doors with professional manual door closer repair, installation and maintenance services.

What Are Door Closers?

A manual door closer is an integral component of any commercial door. It enables an average visitor to easily push the door open, walk in and then close automatically behind them. Properly installed and adjusted, a door closer will allow the visitor to feel the weight of the door initially, then open easily as pressure is applied. 

After the visitor has walked through the door and releases pressure, the door closer will gently push the door back to the frame, returning to the properly closed position.

Door Closer Repair

Although a seeming minor addition to a building's entryway, any door closer may require repairs at some point during its lifetime. Some of the more common repairs include:

Incorrect Types of Door Closers

It is important to install the right type of closer in order for it to work as intended. Heavy, weighted doors require a stronger door closer with durable springs. An incorrect closer may lead to increased safety risks, door misalignment and damage to the door and closer.

Incorrectly Installed Door Closers

Professionals using proper equipment must install door closers. The spring should be adjusted after installation and maintained periodically for fine-tuning. This will help to increase its functioning lifespan.

Ongoing maintenance will help to prevent:

  • Damage to the door frame
  • Abnormal door movements
  • Door misalignment
  • Unexpected door movements

Seal Repair

If the door closer has a broken seal, clearance gaps may be exposed. This can lead to additional problems with the hardware as well as leakage from the lubricant.

Low Levels of Oil

If the oil in the closer is leaking, it is a usually a sign of a mechanical failure (lost screw, broken seal, etc.). If the oil levels are low, it is necessary to have them replaced to original levels by a professional to help avoid improper opening or closing of a door. A door that opens or closes too quickly can cause harm to a customer, employee, or simply damage the door itself.

Locking Mechanism

A damaged door closer may prevent the door from locking properly, leading to decreased security for your building and an increased risk of additional damage to the door and door frame.

Door Closer Maintenance Options

Many door closers arrive under a great warranty. Unfortunately, repairs done by untrained specialists can void your coverage. Always utilize professionally trained specialists from a reputable company for door closer repair, ongoing maintenance, and installation needs. Our great team at Glass Doctor of Northwest Indiana provides full door servicing, from frames and hinges to the threshold and hardware requirements.

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