Door Closer Repair Service in Tuscaloosa, AL

Your business door is the first introduction customers have to your business. This introduction can be a positive experience with a door that identifies the name of your business and operates easily for the customer. However, this first impression may be a negative one if a person has to struggle with the door or has the door close on him or her. This is where door closers come into play. Glass Doctor of Tuscaloosa® offers door closer repair and maintenance so that your customers experience a positive impression of your business when walking through the doors.

The Functioning of Door Closers

Door closers allow users to easily open the entrance and pass through without pausing to close the door. When a door closer works properly, it causes the customer to feel some resistance when opening the door. After this resistance, the door glides open. The door closer's spring causes the door to slowly and smoothly return to its frame.

Door Closer Repair

Our glass experts provide door closer repair services so that your commercial doors are safe for your customers and employees. We solve common problems to ensure your front door is fit for customers.

Incorrect door closers installed: Heavy doors need strong closers that are equipped with springs made to match the weight of the door. If the wrong type of closer is used, customers or employees could be injured. Additionally, the door or closer may sustain damage.

Improper installation: Door closers must be carefully installed. Some business owners make the mistake of installing these mechanisms on their own or hiring a general maintenance person who does not have knowledge specific to this small device. When a door closer is improperly installed, the product guarantee is sometimes forfeited. The glass experts at Glass Doctor of Tuscaloosa are properly trained and carry the right equipment to install or fix your door closers. When a door closer is correctly installed, the closer's lifespan is maximized and the closers are more likely to remain in good working order. In addition to these benefits, a proper installation helps to prevent:

  • Damage to the doorframe
  • Misalignments
  • Abnormal door movements
  • Unexpected door movements

Seal repairs: A broken seal within the closer is a serious problem. This problem could cause clearance gaps and leave the door's hardware vulnerable. Additionally, seal repairs may also cause lubricant leaks. When oil leaks, it is often an indication that there is some type of mechanical problem affecting the door closer, such as a failed seal, broken O-ring or missing screw.

Maintenance Services

Our glass specialists also provide maintenance services to door closers so that you can keep your door closer warranty in check. We also help with glass repairs and hardware. If you are in need of door closer repair or maintenance services, contact Glass Doctor of Tuscaloosa to schedule a professional consultation at your business.