Custom Mirrors in Tuscaloosa, AL

Solve some of the biggest problems in home aesthetics, including cramped spaces and low levels of light, with a custom mirror. Mirrors that match your decor and personal style immediately refresh your home with very little expense and effort. At Glass Doctor of Tuscaloosa,® our team of specialists is trained to create stunning custom mirrors. We will work with you to develop a solution that transforms your living space and, once complete, will install the piece in the most flattering placement.

Choosing Mirrors Delivers Benefits

Our team knows the difference a well-place and beautifully designed mirror can make. Trust our team to walk you through the design process and determine the best custom mirror for your home. We will review design options, such as edge details and size, prior to creation. We start every project with a in-home consultation, to guarantee we understand your space and design desires.

Mirrors to Create the Illusion of Space

A small space may appear uncomfortable or uninviting to family members or guests. Change this with a simple addition of a mirror positioned to reflect walls, ceiling or windows. Choose between tiled mirrors, an entire mirrored wall, or a framed mirror. These solutions are ideal for any room you use for entertaining, hallways or even a kitchen, where you can use a tiled backsplash.

Mirrors to Increase Light

Mirrors increase both natural and artificial light in poorly-lit rooms. Our specialists will determine the best place to mount your custom mirror to enhance light from windows or a light source such as a lamp. A framed mirror works in almost any setting, formal or casual. In living rooms and dining rooms, another possibility is a mirrored tabletop.

Mirrors to Draw Attention to Art and Decor

Draw eyes to the most important features of a room with a custom mirror. When you work with Glass Doctor of Tuscaloosa, we will create a design to best show off your unique possessions. Try adding a hanging mirror over a fireplace or above a headboard to draw the eye to the space. To show off your most prized possessions use mirrored shelves to reflect pieces of art, antiques or collectibles.

Mirrors as Decor

A mirror itself can become artwork when you choose a frame, tint, edge, and finish you love. A mirror is an ideal way to brighten up bare walls. At the same time, the mirror can be a functional piece, especially full-length mirrors in a bedroom or entryway. Use your floor-to-ceiling mirror to check out your outfit before leave the house. If you are unsure how a custom mirror could benefit your home, rely on the expertise of our specialists. Contact us at Glass Doctor of Tuscaloosa for an in-home consultation and to begin the design process.