Door Closer Repair Service

Your customers are already forming an opinion about your business as soon as they walk through the door. Make sure that you give a great first impression with a door that functions properly. Glass Doctor® of Tulsa will provide door closer repair and maintenance services for your manual door closer, so that everyone who walks through your door stays safe.

Glass Doctor of Tulsa offers Door Closer Repair Service

How Door Closers Work

A manual door closer lets people easily open a door, without having to take the time to close it behind them. When a door closer is correctly installed, the user feels some resistance while opening the door, before it smoothly glides open. When resistance is no longer applied, a spring within the door closer causes the mechanism's arm to gently return the door back to its original position.

Door Closer Repair Services

When you allow door closer maintenance to slide, it might cause a myriad of issues. If any issues arise, trust the Glass Doctor of Tulsa team to restore the entryway.

  • Incorrect door closer type: A heavy door requires hefty door closers with strong springs. When the wrong type of door closer is installed, this can lead to safety risks, misalignments and damage to either the closer or the door.
  • Improperly installed or adjusted door closers: Using the right tools to install and maintain door closers maximizes their lifespan and keeps them in good condition. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Tulsa are experienced professionals who will install and maintain your door closers and adjust their springs, preventing damage to the doorframe, abnormal movements of the door or misalignments.
  • Low oil levels and seal repairs: A broken seal exposes clearance gaps, leaves the door's hardware vulnerable and may lead to lubricant leaks. An oil leak typically indicates a mechanical problem, such as a missing screw, broken O-rings or failed seals. It's vital to have door closer oil replaced by a professional. When lubricant levels are too low, the door will open or close too quickly, which may lead to injury of the user or the damage to the door.
  • Difficult to lock doors: When a door does not lock properly, your property is left unsecure. It also poses a threat to the well-being of your doorframe, its locking mechanism and the door closer.

Glass Doctor of Tulsa technicians handling door closers

Door Closer Maintenance Services

If your door closer is under warranty, you could inadvertently void your contract by allowing someone who is untrained to attempt repairs. The team at Glass Doctor of Tulsa are trained to install, maintain and repair commercial door closers. Our specialists will also provide service for your door glass, doorframes, hinges, thresholds and other hardware.

Contact Glass Doctor of Tulsa today to learn more about our door closer repair and maintenance services and to schedule your onsite consultation.