Custom Mirrors

Don't let redecorating your home become an overwhelming project. Easily brighten up what you first loved about your home with the addition of beautiful custom mirrors. No matter the size or style of your home, these lovely additions can transform the mood and visual space of any area.

The glass experts at Glass Doctor® of Home + Business of Tulsa offer an outstanding selection of mirror customizations that will enhance the interior design of your home. We provide our clients with decades of design knowledge, installation expertise, and unmatched customer service.

Mirrors Made for Every Space

Solution to Your Design Constraints

There is no reason to limit this reflective glass surfaces to the bathroom or bedroom spaces when they can be used anywhere in the home to reflect light and enhance your decor. Using oversized mirrors or smaller groupings also creates depth and adds natural light. Here are a few examples of how they can be the solution to your design constraints:

  • Small rooms: Create the illusion of space and bring the beauty of nature in your home by hanging mirrors across windows.
  • Lacks warmth: Reflect a fire's warm tones back into the room by hanging a custom mirror above the mantel.
  • Kitchen with little natural light: Mirror-fronted cabinets or wall tiles brighten and enlarge a small kitchen.
  • Small Yard: Reflect the beauty of your yard and pool with an over-sized mirror attached to a patio wall.

Accentuate Your Art and Home Decor

Professional interior designers have always used mirrors as design elements because they command attention. The experts at Glass Doctor of Home + Business of Tulsa will be happy to help you design a custom piece for your home. Here are a few design tricks:

  • Hanging : Hand a variety of ornate mirrors in multiple sizes add breadth and interest to bare, boring stairways and landings.
  • Framed : Don't limit your bathroom to one mirror. Mix and match them in frames in an entryway or hallway to energize the space and enrich the style .
  • Shelves: Mirrored shelves reflect natural and artificial light directly onto your treasured collectibles.

Call Glass Doctor

Over-sized and full-length mirrors add drama and boldness to any area, especially dark hall or entryways. Whatever your style, the custom mirror specialists at Glass Doctor of Home + Business of Tulsa always provide superior service and expert installation. Call us today or fill out an online request form.