Custom Mirrors in Texoma

Custom mirrors are not just for practical purposes, but also for enhancing properties to your home. Mirrors have the remarkable ability to both reflect and accentuate colors and views, creating a striking effect in any room. Glass Doctor of Texoma meets with you to go over your ideas and choose from a variety of finishes, tints, edges and frames. If you have a specialty frame in mind, we will cut the mirror to fit it. Our talented and experienced specialists will cut and install any mirror or other glass décor piece that you want in your home.

Custom Mirrors for You

Rooms do not have to be completely remodeled in order to appear larger. Strategic mirror placement can reflect light and make a dark room appear brighter and bigger. Placing mirrors across from windows can create an ambient lighting that doubles as a work of art.

Schedule a free in-home consultation and our specialists will offer suggestions regarding unique shapes for your mirror and locations to hang them. Some of the most popular mirrors that are often installed to make a statement:

  • Mirrored Shelves: Having mirrored shelves helps to highlight any art work, books or collectables placed upon it.
  • Hanging Mirrors: By hanging mirrors light is able to reflect off of them and create a brighter room.
  • Framed Mirrors: Mirrors with frames can act as statement pieces on your wall that also serve a function.

Natural Lighting Using Mirrors

Glass Doctor of Texoma creates custom mirrors to enhance your home in a simple way. With your personal choice of tinting, edging, shape and frame you have the flexibility to show your style while also spreading natural and artificial light throughout your house. You are able to accomplish this by:

  • Bedroom Mirrors: These mirrors are especially useful in darker rooms and help to make any space appear larger.
  • Mounted Mirrors: Increase illumination from desk lamps and other light sources.

Our specialists will walk through the entire creative process with you, making sure that your vision becomes a reality. From a gallery wall of mirrors to a large statement piece, Glass Doctor of Texoma can do it all.

Creating Depth and Illusion with Mirrors

One way to create the illusion of deep space and roominess in a small area is with the use of mirrors. Glass Doctor recommends placing mirrors in spots that reflect the unique architecture and contours of your home. To determine the place that a mirror should go consider these options:

  • Mirrored Backsplash: Adds depth to a kitchen space creating a larger look.
  • Statement Mirrors: Emphasizes focal points in your home and draws the eye to artistic areas.
  • Mirrored Walls: Creates the perception of a larger room or area.

Schedule an appointment with our glass specialists today! Glass Doctor of Texoma will provide information, suggestions and expert advice about what custom mirror is best for you!