Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Texoma

Every company should prepare in advance for any business emergency, and the local glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of Texoma certainly understand. In fact, we’ve designed a proactive glass care program, called Advance Measurement, to eliminate some stress from your next glass emergency.

Practice Proactive Glass Care

At your request, our glass experts will measure and diagram your property's panes. We assign each piece of glass a number, including doors, display cases and more. The number tells us the type of glass, the size and other special characteristics. When glass breaks at your business, you only need to call us with the number of the pane.

Upon receiving your call, Glass Doctor of Texoma immediately retrieves the necessary replacement glass that matches your piece. We arrive at your location ready to clean up the broken glass and install the new pane. We will make your business whole again in a single service call. Make the process even simpler by requesting credit pre-approval as part of your proactive glass care program.

Avoid a Board-Up with the In-Stock Program

Occasionally, a specific type or size of glass may be out of stock in our warehouse and we must restore your office or storefront with a temporary board-up. We then return to replace the board-up when the pane arrives, via expedited order, from our suppliers. Joining our In-Stock option prevents this possible delay. You will buy the pane prior to any incident. We keep the pane in-reserve at or shop, so you never need a board-up.

Advance Measurement Program Advantages

Minimize business disruption: Your glass repair is completed in one visit for your convenience.

  • Avoid stress: In a broken glass emergency, you have a lot on your mind, but with Advance Measurement you only make one call for urgent business glass repair.
  • Reduce potential liability: Decrease the risk of injury to the passing public, customers or employees.
  • Secure your property: Restored glass prevents exposure to theft or weather damage.
  • Pre-establish credit: Enjoy less paperwork during an emergency, enabling immediate service.

Premium Service Benefits

Joining our Commercial Care program gives you access to exclusive benefits:

  • Commercial account set-up
  • Priority dispatch and service
  • Dedicated glass specialists
  • Discount on board-ups, if needed
  • Reduced commercial prices for business glass repairs

Practice proactive glass care with our advance measurement program. Call Glass Doctor of Texoma to enroll today.