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Clear Choice Protectant

Protect your bathroom and its surfaces with Clear Choice™ surface treatment. Normally, cleaning your shower doors, tub enclosures, sinks, toilets and other surfaces requires harsh cleaners and hours of backbreaking labor. But just one professional Clear Choice application, performed by a Glass Doctor® of Texarkana representative, makes your bathroom surfaces more oil-and water-repellent. This means oil and water have less of a chance depositing their greasy, grimy contents in your bathroom. You'll immediately notice how much easier it is to keep your bathroom clean.

Protect Your Investment

Over time, hard water stains permanently damage your bathroom's glass, tile, granite, porcelain and other materials. But Clear Choice surface treatment helps all silica-based surfaces in your bathroom resist stains, scratches, soap scum and hard water buildup. This surface treatment creates a protective barrier on your surfaces that lasts up to five years with just one application. Your bathroom will better resist hard water etching, environmental pollutants, mineral depositing and weathering. Plus, your bathroom will wipe clean easily.

Benefits of Clear Choice Surface Treatment

Savvy homeowners know Clear Choice will restore, protect and maintain many common bathroom surfaces. With Clear Choice, your bathroom's surfaces will resist stains, impacts and scratches that cause permanent harm to your bathroom. You'll see less mold and bacteria buildup, and you'll need to clean your bathroom less frequently. Hard water etching will no longer be a problem, and your surfaces will have a glossy, clean look. And Clear Choice is environmentally friendly, so it's safe for kids and pets.

Put an end to scrubbing and hard work. Just one short visit by a Glass Doctor of Texarkana representative is all you need to keep your bathroom beautiful. You'll see the change in your bathroom instantly. Order Clear Choice specially, or request it when you order a new shower door or tub enclosure. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation.