Windshield Repair and Replacement

Windshield damage is a fact of life. The temptation to ignore a chipped windshield is alluring, but you should never ignore it. Time and temperature changes will cause small chips to grow into unsightly cracks. Glass Doctor® of Sterling, VA can perform windshield repair and replacement to restore your clarity and peace of mind before the day ends.

windsheild repair

Whenever possible, our specialists will repair damaged auto glass. Your safety is our first priority, so to ensure glass repair services are appropriate (instead of glass replacement services), we consider:

  • If the damage falls in the driver's line of vision. Damage found in this danger-zone will often lead our specialists to conclude a windshield replacement is the safest option.
  • Cracks splintered to the edge of the windshield rouse our concern - our team will not recommend repair in these cases, but will choose to replace the auto glass.
  • Damage larger than three inches or deeper than 3/8 inch compromises your windshield's durability and your vehicle’s safety. To ensure the windshield holds in case of an accident our team will replace windshields with severe damage.

No matter which service we settle on, Glass Doctor of Sterling, VA will handle the paperwork for your insurance claim. We work with all major insurance providers in the Sterling area.

Windshield Repair

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You can depend on fast, convenient and experienced auto glass repair services when you call Glass Doctor of Sterling, VA. Once a specialist determines windshield repair won't compromise your safety, we clear the dirt off of the damaged area and inject an Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS®) approved resin into the hole. The damaged windshield or auto glass is then fully repaired and polished.

The benefits of windshield repair include:

  • Time: Repairs usually take less than an hour.
  • Environment: Landfills are full of cracked and chipped windshields; we prefer to help the environment without compromising your safety by repairing your windshield or auto glass rather than replacing it.
  • Price: Windshield repair is cheaper than windshield replacement.
  • Insurance: Your insurance company might waive your deductible and pay for windshield repair because you’re taking advantage of savings.

Windshield Replacement

Windshield replacement is the foundation of our auto glass care service. We ensure no matter how severe the damage, you can drive away with a strong windshield and auto glass that will keep your vehicle safe. That is why we follow the industry's standards during every windshield and auto glass replacement service and only use windshields that match the manufacturer's quality. Plus, we ensure every windshield replacement customer enjoys a year of protection against windshield damage. Ask how our Windshield Protection Plan enhances your windshield replacement.

Your safety should be your priority too! Call 571-465-9129 or contact our auto glass professionals online as soon as glass damage occurs.