Double Pane Windows

Living in a home that experiences the four seasons presents challenges when it comes to energy efficiency and stabilizing your home’s climate. Your windows are a source of heating and cooling loss, especially if your home has older single pane windows. Upgrading your home with new double pane insulated glass units (IGUs) immediately increases your home’s efficiency, improves its noise control and boosts its resale value.

If your home already has double pane windows, but condensation has gathered between the panes or drafts have become apparent, it’s time to give the experts at Glass Doctor® of Sterling, VA, a call. Condensation and draftiness are signs that your window seals have failed, which results in heating and cooling loss. Seals fail for any number of reasons, including improper installation, inferior sealants or extreme weather.

Double Pane Window Benefits

double pane window

Installing double pane windows in your home is a smart investment that works to increase your home’s value and efficiency along with lowering your noise pollution. Our IGUs feature two or more panes of glass separated and sealed by a high-quality insulating spacer. Spacers may be filled with a moisture-absorbing desiccant. The entire perimeter of the unit is secured using a high-grade sealant to prevent condensation. We also offer sealed IGUs filled with argon or krypton gas between the panes to increase the insulating properties.

Our specialists are experts in insulated window glass replacement. Often we install insulated glass pane replacements into your existing frames. This saves your frame, but still effectively repairs your window. We will work with you to come up with a solution to fit your family's budget.

The Glass Doctor Difference

The window specialists at Glass Doctor of Sterling, VA, provide full-service installation or replacement of your existing windows. Our specialists will discuss the insulated glass options we offer, including the latest single-sealed and double-sealed window technology. We'll advise you what type of IGU best suits your home.

Glass Doctor of Sterling, VA, specialists are trained in the latest techniques. Please give us a call or a schedule an appointment with us! Our experts will come to your home, discuss your needs and present you with several options offering a cost effective solution to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.