Auto Window Tinting

Auto window tint from Glass Doctor® of Sterling, VA will improve the appearance of your vehicle inside and out. Tinting not only adds privacy and sophistication to your vehicle's windows, it blocks UV rays from entering your car, which makes the ride more comfortable for everyone.

Protect the Interior

Tinting your windows prevents the upholstery, dashboard and other surfaces from fading, cracking and otherwise suffering from sun damage. A simple addition of auto window tint may increase the value of your car.

Stay Safe

When windows are tinted, no one is able to peer into your car when you leave your vehicle unattended.

Keep Cool

Upon returning to your car on a hot day, you’ll find the interior comfortably cool, which is especially useful for cars with vinyl or leather seats. You will no longer need to fight for a parking spot in the shade.

Enjoy the Drive

Window tint reduces glare and enhances privacy, making the drive safer and more comfortable for both you and your passengers. When your sun visor doesn't block the glare of sunlight, rely on window tint. Contact Glass Doctor of Sterling specialists for more information about fitting your car with auto window tint. Take advantage of a professional consultation with one of our specialists to decide if tinting is the right option for you.